Back on the wagon .. LFH

I have used this app so many times and it helps I get right to 201 or 200 even and get hurt or sick and I'm back up to 240ish... well I'm on round 4 of this and am looking for friends to help keep me posting and honest... trying a new type of diet this time hoping it works


  • Hiawassee88
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    How about switching it all UP. There is no wagon. This round, throw the all or nothing food mentality out the window. A new type of diet won't fix it. Clear the decks and clean the slate. Rid yourself of everything you've ever done before. It didn't last and you want weight stability, don't you.

    Do everything on your own terms. Create your own positive food management plan that you can live with for the rest of your life. Eat the foods you've always enjoyed. You're going to fall right back into them when all of the dieting is done.
    Track your data points. Ridding yourself of deep grooves in the brain may be difficult, but new habits will keep you out of those deep wagon wheel grooves.
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    I know what you mean. For me it seems every time I'm doing well and start losing weight, my brain comes in and kicks me and I suddenly start backsliding and honestly don't really know why. It's almost as if a part of me is afraid to lose the weight?