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    M in Oz

    Heather, Machka's right - the "not clever" ones are just the cannon fodder to see if they can draw your fire. Two mice that close together is an issue. Might be your neighbor's new building project rousted a bunch of them your way, might be the time of year, but there isn't just one, I promise. Check all dark places, under furniture, etc., and do whatever you must. I would bet Margaret will have a natural remedy that won't hurt the kids but can repel the rodents....

    The worst mouse problem I ever had was when my first husband and I rented a farmhouse outside of Lakenheath. When the farmer burned the field after harvest, we were inundated with mice. We tried the trap thing, which entailed a half dozen sleepless nights of "pop-SQUEE!" all over the house and burial detail in the morning. Won't do that again... [/quote]

    We are having issues here too. In the garage and in my garden. We can't use poison to get them because we don't want the outside cats getting them and eating them(and getting sick or or worse).
    I have traps set but haven't had any luck.
    We put up an ultrasonic thing in the garage a few days ago, not sure if it is working.
    We have so much food out there that they are getting into- need to clean all the pantries really well and set more traps.
    In the back yard, the one cat I kicked out of the house because he wouldn't stop peeing everywhere(including ON me when I was asleep) has caught at least two that I have seen.

    Mom is having trouble with mice at her house too. Not sure how they are getting in her house but they are- she is in the country so not surprised but this year is a lot worse than ever before.
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    edited September 2022
    :) It is already or almost October for many of you so I've posted the new thread for October. I hope you'll all join me and perhaps we will acquire so new members of our community.

    Here is the link:
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk/slow jog w/yogi - 1hr 31min 31sec, 46elev, 3.98ap, 116ahr, 152mhr, 6.04= 600c
    Strava app = 740c
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    Strava app = 176c
    Zwift stats- 34.48min, 82elev, 88aw, 36arpm, 17..44amph, 10.01mi= 176c

    Total cal 786
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    It's not a good day. The Mister is making me frustrated as is my tenant. I'm quite angry at the moment.

    Rebecca-I hope you get some answers soon!

    Katla-I hope your DH gets to join you today! Crossing my fingers for you.

    Debbie-I hope the roommate situation is resolved soon. That has to be irritating for you and your mother.

    Thanks for the new thread, Barbie.

    Tina in CA
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    And just knowing what you feel, or want, is hard too. <3

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx

    Heather - One of the more apt things I've ever read. While the abuse always tends to be the focus, it wasn't every moment of every day, whereas the general emotional neglect for all of us was 24-7. I don't blame my mother - she was engrossed in a fight for the survival of her children, as well as her own survival, and her own upbringing certainly didn't give her the tools she needed--every battle she won was through her own determination that losing wasn't an option. She was our rock and our center, so we tend to believe that of our own lives as well.
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    Transferring to October thread.
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    I'm sorry thank you all for the welcome my husband has been off work we've been busy. He goes back to work tomorrow. I'll try to be more active.