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:) A new season is always a good time to make a fresh commitment to important goals and resolutions. I am delighted to continue my journey to a life of health and fitness both physical emotional.

:) The name of the thread is Women Ages 50+ but all women are welcome. This is a great place to visit regularly for support and encouragement.

:) Be sure to bookmark the thread so you can find it again. Also sign your post with a name or nickname and a location so we can get to know each other better.

:) I look forward to this new month and this new season.

<3 Barbie from NW WA

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    Barbie ... Thank you for the new thread!

    Beth near Buffalo
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    Barbie - thanks for the September thread! Can't believe we're in a new month already!

    Lanette <3
    SW WA State
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    Thanks Barbie! We appreciate you.

    Okie in the TX Hill Country
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    Today worked and when I went to take Jerry home he had a soda (was it really soda?) in his hand so I told him no more drinks in my car, he has a choice, he can throw it out or have someone else drive him home. He threw the drink on the ground saying “see, it was just Coke”. I just said “I won’t take the chance”. I kept reiterating that all the way to his house. He said “now what am I going to drink” so I told him I would take him to the Corner Table, they wouldn’t deny him. He didn’t want to go (is it pride or is he afraid of seeing his wife? Who knows? Who cares?) Really, don’t tell me one soda (maybe 32oz) would be enough for the entire day. Now that I think about it, I can’t help wondering if there was something about that soda. Well, that's the suspicious part of me coming out. Then went to WalMart, then cut the “grass”

    Had ceramics last night. Started working on the pelican for this lady at the condo. I’m not sure if I’ll go tonight since we can’t go next week. I do want to take Jess’ snail with me and hopefully start on that. I’ll leave my fish there and if I have to take it home before they move, that’s OK.

    Lisa – I didn’t know that about lizards!

    Carla – sweet Kolten

    Flea – you know, shortly before my father passed, he was bedbound and it was hard for him because he was so sharp, nothing wrong with his mind, but his body just wouldn’t do what he wanted it to do. Sometimes you wonder if someone having dementia isn’t better off. Yet…..

    Karen VA – what a blessing you are to your brother

    Heather – I’ve always thought the Mediterranean would be nice. Now I’ll get to experience it thru you.

    Melanie – welcome!

    Lanette – my MIL did that when she sold her house in FL and moved to the condo. Much less work.

    Katla – how wonderful you got to talk to your friend in Oregon. I can just imagine how happy you are.

    Rebecca – what beautiful singing! She gets it from you, I’m sure

    Meg – oh, yes, still doing the ceramics!

    barbie – I hope all goes well for you at the appointment

    Anne DE – so glad for your mom (and you) that her MD visit went so well. Good for you having a night with your friend!

    Michele NC
    who better get to dinner
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    Thank you, Barbie! Great start to this new month.
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    Barbie — Thank you for the new thread. I am delighted to begin our September conversations. I look forward to hearing from our friends.
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    Barbie- Thank you again our fearless leader for starting us off on another month..
    Tomorrow I start my journey with medicare and the supplement.. wish me luck.
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    Thank you Barbie I hope your eye appointment goes well.
    Rain all around us but none for our yard. Uggggg
    SueBDew in TX
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    Karen … I love the Poppies! And so glad your downsizing and donating is going so well.

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    Thanks, Beth! I'll tell my brother.

    Allie, I can imagine myself doing just that in this house when it's empty...we have loved living in this well-designed-house-with-a-view. I am glad we will very likely leave it while we have the luxury of indulging in a bittersweet goodbye. My dear friends had to move out of their lovely home urgently due to a number of misfortunes; there were many regrets, tears, and lingering residual sorrows over some of the things they would have liked to have kept, & the lack of closure. I would hate that. I hated it for them.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Hi Gals,
    Barbie - thank you for keeping us going as a group so often this is the lifeline we each need.

    Finally I have found a trust lawyer who at least knew what I was talking about on the phone. One of the things we who live in the USA should be aware of is that there are some “interesting” newish laws and taxes (about 15-20 years new) about leaving money to grandchildren or great grandchildren if their parents are still alive. It is called generation skipping and depending on the size of the estate it is either no big deal, or it is a huge deal. If it affects you PM me and I’ll give you more details. Or I can put it in group if there is a lot of interest.
    Mom and I will meet this lawyer in a few weeks, I am just hoping there is a connection, because I am running out of choices. Many of the lawyers are still meeting over zoom, and my Mom will not accept that as an option.

    Karen – your brother is so talented I am glad he is selling some of his art, it is too beautiful to not be shared with the world.

    Smiles Kim
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