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    Heather - it’s a shame DH’s daughter won’t be visiting, but a date out of it is wonderful.
    Rodger made supper for me again tonight. Twice in two weeks. I am shocked and regretting not buying an air fryer 4 years ago when he started mentioning it.

    Rosemarie - I am a Coca Cola drinker as well. I had quit completely for 2 years and need to stop again. When I’m stopping I know I have to go a solid month or more before even allowing myself one while dining out or having pizza.

    Carla - I am so happy for you!

    Karen - I hope that she makes good, but it’s concerning that she already had a complaint.

    We have a large antique mall in the city and I searched their website to see if they buy as well. They have a spot on their website where you can upload photos of your items and if any of their numerous vendors can contact you if they are interested. I think that will be my Sunday project.

    Margaret- good job on passing up the bargains. I need to start doing that too.

    Heather - What a joy for you to go through. I felt your excitement in your writing.

    Vicki - it sounds like a nice weekend ahead.

    Barbara - I struggle stopping bringing things home and also getting rid of them. In the last two or three months I have purchased two Avon Bottles that I had when I was a young lady. I know Mom threw my original ones out.
    I don’t know why Avon doesn’t bring those bottles out of retirement. With the vintage popularity right now, they would make a mint.

    Lanette - we use ground coffee in our reusable pod. I stopped buying the pods because they are so expensive!

    Sue - I decorated for Fall a couple of weekends ago. I love decorating for the seasons.

    Allie - watching your friend record would be peaceful I bet.

    Ginny - hope your have a mild reaction if you can’t get by with none.

    Our youngest daughter tested positive for Covid yesterday. She said she’s tired and achy today but has no fever so it’s much better than yesterday.

    Machka - I love your colouring.
    My husband needs that meme only to say YouTube instead of Google.

    Lisa - that will be a lot of blending, but I think the right people together can do it. Congratulations to your daughter.

    Way to go Edie!!!!🏆

    Barbie - getting the vaccines so effortlessly is wonderful.

    Kelly - I am with you on men cooking. We have been married 35 years and since the air fryer came into the house though, Rodger has made dinner for me twice. He does make his own breakfast and lunches and right now we only get to eat 2 suppers and 2 breakfasts a week. So I can’t complain.

    YouTube has good videos on the use of Excel. I have had to search some functions I had to use in years and they were helpful.

    I think you need to make a Drs appointment to make sure things are ok.

    Rori - I hope your foot heals soon.

    Allie - are they giving 5th doses there? We are still on 4. I am not eligible until January because I had Covid in August.

    Michele - how long will it take you to decorate now? When do your lights and such get turned on?

    Debbie - happy anniversary!
    We are not in touch with any of our attendants.
    I still speak to everyone that I have ever stood up with. Even the divorced ones. Lol

    Vicki - I hope your son continues the job without you having to step in.

    Lisa - my exercise therapist told me that even if you move one minute more than you could it’s an improvement. I have a lot less pain days since I started listening to her.

    I make two pizzas as well. It also gives us leftovers for our lunches.

    Pip - your new set is the same as mine.

    I’ve been reading along each evening and gotten interrupted before I could post. I’ll catch up tomorrow again.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Watched the coverage of the funeral on BBC in between chores and exercise. There was an eerie silence outside because there was so little traffic in our town, and not a soul on the street. There were some church bells ringing during the day.

    It was a fitting farewell to a remarkable woman. The legendary British pomp and pageantry with all it’s glitz and glamour made spectacular viewing.

    Heather: Enjoy every minute of your grands. They will grow so quickly.

    Debbie: 🍾🥂Happy Anniversary 🥂🍾

    🥳🎉 Cheers to all those celebrating.

    Virtual (((hugs))) and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for those who need them.

    🙋‍♀️ Miele failte to the newbies.


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    Hi all!
    Expecting the window men in 15 mins or so. Hope they can do something and it doesn't cost too much. :#

    I'm picking up Bea on my own today as DH is at cricket. His buddy rang this morning to say his wife has tested positive for covid, but he is still going to go and they can distance as it is outside. ;) The reason he gave is that he had paid for the hotel! They have just returned from a tour of Israel with her church. I hope DH is sensible. We both had covid in July, so I'm not desperately worried, but I'm surprised that his friend thinks it is OK to stay in the hotel.

    Yesterday's haggis went fine. Food was delicious, but, of course, my son was stiff and sore from the triathlon. He was not able to put up the grab bar by the bath, but that's fine. I always feel a little frustrated at the conversation we do/don't have. I think I always expect too much. It's light and easy, but he really doesn't want to go deeper.

    We didn't watch the funeral, but I chose to watch the highlights on the 10 pm news. I enjoyed the Guardian distillation of the funny Twitter feeds. :p
    My son seemed to have enjoyed it. He loved the music.

    Love to all, Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    edited September 2022
    Update - two very nice guys came round and the bad news is - they CAN'T repair the windows. :'(
    The good news is, I won't have to pay out money for it.
    I'm not in a position to replace the whole thing, so it's status quo again.

    Oh well ......... Feeling a bit tearful.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    DH will be transferred to a rehab facility today. Our daughter will take me to see him later in the day. Earlier today I plan to go shopping for cottage cheese, my favorite breakfast choice. I also hope to find some decorative items for the apartment.
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    I am hoping for a good day and time with DH. My daughter will take me to see him later today if all goes well.
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    Happy Anniversary, Debbie!

    Work is SO MUCH nicer on a big screen. I actually feel like I'm getting work done now. (cuz I am) And my neck doesn't hurt.

    Have a GREAT Tuesday!

    Love and Blessings, Carla, in MN
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    Morning ladies
    Im over with Miles
    He is getting much better about not crying without mommy ,the new play mat seems to help..
    Terry- because im imunocompromised i guess with the new variant i can get the new vaccine.. and might as well get the flu shot at the same time,and recoup over the weekend.
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    KJ - So sorry about your neck. I've had a similar thing now and then and it is utterly MISERABLE! Rest is the only thing. Hot and cold compresses. Your body really seems to be protesting about your workload. Is there any way at all you could cut down? I guess you'll say, NO CHANCE! But the silent heart attack, the break through bleed, the neck pain. ..... Be as kind to yourself as possible, my friend. <3
    My window is ugly. One missing handle, draught blowing through, fogging and not opening. Pretty comprehensive! I was hoping against hope that they could do something. :s

    Off to fetch Bea later. I'm missing DH, the child-whisperer. Luckily, I am the person with the after-school snacks, so she may not be utterly disappointed. >:)

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Pip must confess I envy your DH’s can do attitude ;}
    Tracey and Rosemarie, good luck with the Coca Cola. It’s a toughie.
    Heather SMH at Johnny’s friend. Sorry to hear no inexpensive fix for that window.
    Katla hope you can find some good blueberries to go with that cottage cheese. Brava for taking the bus and exploring on your own.
    KJ fingers X’d for favorable test results.

    9/19: Move: 2 sets pt, line dancing class, active mins:260 steps:7602
    Fuel: plants (running count for week) so far: 8+ cacao 70%, cashews, coconut, onion-red, pecans, potato, tea, watermelon. CI<CO=953
    Live: Joe, readings, BP, one load laundry, post office, Grocery Outlet, Freddie’s, fire district board meeting minutes.
    Whoops time to dash, later,
    Lighter, lovelies!

    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    2022: Be still and listen.
    September: Move more, fuel better, live NOW.
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    exermom wrote: »
    Got to exercise this morning!!! So did Denise Austin Quick Burn Cardio DVD then took a walk around the block. Actually, I did some jogging and then walking at parts. The plan for tomorrow after work is to go to the gym and do a Body Pump DVD.

    Heather – where does the time go??? It seems like just yesterday that you were making the christening cake

    Debbie – happy anniversary! You made a beautiful bride. You made your dress! Stunning

    Came back from ceramics, will probably work some on the jigsaw puzzle

    Lisa – many times I modify the DVD. Like I want low impact. So I modify. Also, I was told to avoid lunges and things like that because I fractured a bone in my foot so now it’s weak. Putting stress on it might very well cause it to fracture again. So I do pushups etc. on my knees. I know I physically have the ability to do them on my toes, but I won’t take the chance. It just isn’t worth it.

    Katla – so glad dh is being transferred. Is the rehab place closer to you?

    Michele NC

    Thank you!!
    I have been sewing since I was in 4th grade. Being , at the time 4'11" and 101lbs, it was easier to make my dress than try and find one I liked that would fit. My parents paid more in alterations on my first wedding's dress than I paid for the fabric for my second one and got exactly what I wanted. My first one, I was 4'10" and 94lbs and it was long, bought at a bridal store. Alterations were expensive.
    When I loose this extra weight, I want to do more sewing for myself. I did make my skirt for my dad's memorial service.
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    Tracey- we love our air fryer. We had the one with the basket- wanted to see if we really would use it or not. Used it so much, wore it out. Upgraded to the one that has two trays.
    Dh doesn't cook, has never cooked dinner or any meal for me on his own and only rarely helped in the past, BUT he will use the air fryer to cook things for himself. That is the only appliance besides the microwave he has ever used.
    We use ours every day.
    After we liked ours so much, that Christmas many of our friends/family got them as gifts from us. We even sent one to my former hubby(he loves it and got one for his brother)
    Found out my best friend doesn't have one so just bought one for her. BestBuy had it on sale over 75% off- got it for just $20
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    Pick up went fine. We had some good chats. :p<3

    My son drove them to swimming, which is just around the corner from me. Not far to walk home! It's a private pool which the owner rents out to the swimming teacher. Both girls are going every other Tuesday.

    I carried on sorting through my Memory Box this morning. Found such a lot of interesting stuff. I was very keen on sticker books and took great delight in the pages with Pocahontas, Florence Nightingale, and Grace Darling on! :p Female icons. Of course the real stories are somewhat more prosaic.
    Also found diaries agonising about whether I should have a baby or not. ;) I don't think the joys of grandchildren even entered my mind. :p How strange life is!

    Expecting DH back in a few minutes. I have been eating too much while waiting for him. :s We do tend to indulge ourselves when we have been looking after the grandchildren.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx