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    Morning ladies
    Well I really slept in this morning..until 10:30 or so
    When i have one busy day,it takes me a day to recover
    But will get a load of laundry done..
    My dear friend Doris lost her cat yesterday he passed away.. I loved that boy.. he was such a good kitty.. I dont know If she will get another..she has volunteered at a cat rescue for many years and thats where she has gotten her cats.. but at 90 I dont know if she wants the responsibility of that again...
    Heather- well done Bea and your son ..wow talk about Stamina..
    I will be waking early to watch the funeral for the Queen tomorrow
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    The Shake the Sugar challenge is very much like Keto except you don’t get into ketosis with all the fruit they want you to eat. Lots of sugar in fruits. Also keto says no honey too.

    Heather I am so proud for your family’s accomplishments! Exciting!

    Here, the Jeep rally went well yesterday, no one got out of hand and looked like everyone had fun. One mor day of that.

    RvRita in sunny hot Roswell
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    edited September 2022
    First rain of the season started this morning and should last, off and on, through tomorrow.
    Decided to stay home from church and just watch online today.
    Don't plan on leaving the house.
    Have lots to get done here. First is dishes- son cooked and left a bunch of dishes for me- looks like a lot but won't take more than10 min. to do, just a few big pans and other little stuff- Would be nice if he washed them after cooking. He does remember to rinse them really well which is a lot more than I can say for DH-he rarely rinses anything.
    Picked up another filet of salmon. Still on sale for $7.99 a pound instead of $13 a pound. Third piece since the sale started. Seems a bit expensive per package -$30 each but, that piece is enough for the four of us, mil and her dog. This time I will make sure dh actually gets a full piece. Last time his mom took almost the whole huge piece I had sent over to them and ate it and gave the rest to her dog- leaving dh the scraps. I was so mad when he told me that. That is why we got this third piece.
    I will bake it this afternoon.
    Picked up chicken leg/thighs for .99cents a pound. Those will go in the pressure cooker and I will shred them up to go on my salad or make enchelladas.
    Pork I will cut up and make some curry- first time to make it- using a package for the seasoning. Adding a lot of extra veggies and cutting the pork up small. Mil makes it but doesn't trim the fat/gristle and are huge pieces.
    Beef that I will make stew or maybe something else- not sure.
    Eggs to use up so will make egg salad- I will get fresh eggs from mom when I go up to take her for her surgery( almost 5 months after a tick got in her ear and got infected and left a whole in her eardrum- her room mate says it is too early to take mom down so I will drive up the night before and get up early and take her. I am an hour away and don't want to be driving the backroads at 4AM by myself that morning)
    Want to bake some cookies and brownies too- treats for the guys. Oatmeal cherry cookies- (I have a lot of dried cherries to use up so will use them instead of raisins I think- will check with dh to see what he says. they are for him

    Food program to do online for the daycare- supposed to do it daily and I am lucky if I do it every Sunday

    Time to get started-
    Have a wonderful Sunday ladies

    Napa Valley, Ca
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    Yes, Karen, she was so focused. Even though we were cheering her on, she did not look at us and just was determined to keep going. Amazing stamina and tenacity.
    I did actually think about your swimming granddaughter, as I recognised the totally focused look. :p<3
    They just expand your heart so much.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Just a few wee comments tonight.

    Katla: Good that you had a pleasant visit with your DH

    Heather: 👍🏻 Love all the pics of your sporty family.

    Beth: DED gave me bramleys last Sunday. Who knew that making apple sauce was so easy with a microwave. DH loved it on his pork loin for dinner tonight.

    Lanette: 😍 ‘kind of a clean out the fridge/what's in the freezer soup’ my go to for lunch 😝

    🥳🎉 Cheers to all those celebrating.

    Virtual (((hugs))) and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for those who need them.

    🙋‍♀️ Miele failte to the newbies.

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    Even ladies
    Kelly- as others have said thats no joke get it looked into.. i ended up having to get a hysterectomy because i was bleeding out like that..
    Quiet day today.. which was just fine.. got the laundry done.
    Going to call drs office and see of i should make an appt for flu vaccine and the vaccine for the new variant of Covid,ive had 4 shots so far.. dont want to over do,but if this is a different strain
    But if im going to get it done,want to get it done on a friday afternoon so i have the weekend to recoup.
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    :) Jake had his usual flu shot reaction today--didn't feel well and slept most of the day getting up briefly for meals and beverages. I thought I was fine but I did take a long afternoon nap along with walking over 20.000 steps and planting the iris that I had separated last week. Now I'm off to bed early.

    <3 Barbie
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    Allie – what time is the funeral?

    Brought the Christmas decorations in the house. Tonight I went to BK to give them the prep for tomorrow so I can go to the dermatologist for my routine visit. I was surprised how slow they are on a Sunday night.

    Rori – love hearing from you. Hope your foot gets better fast.

    Silly as it may sound, I’m really looking forward to exercising tomorrow morning then hopefully going for a walk.

    Night everyone
    Michele NC
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    Stat for the day-

    housecleaning etc- 2hrs 31min 55sec, vacuum, dust, clean/make hummingbird food, water plants, laundry fold and put away, clean/refill birdbath = 720c