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    Well my arm hurts from my booster shot so I skipped my dumbbells today. I've been trying to take a nap all day. So now I will just go to bed early.

    Annie in Delaware

    Annie-If your arm still hurts, try moving it around. Arm circles, etc. That gets the blood moving around and it'll feel better. After my boosters, I do a light arm workout and have very little arm soreness.

    Tina in CA
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    barbiecat wrote: »
    :) During my late afternoon walk I had a most interesting conversation with a neighbor I know only slightly. She began by commenting on my regular walking and then continued through why she didn't get out and walk and how she'd like to make changes in her yard and didn't know what and how she hadn't finished putting everything away in her house and hadn't hung pictures and how she gave away her exercise bike. It seemed as though all the things she said started with "yes, but". It made me happy to come back to all of you who are seeking solutions rather than explaining why you can't get things done or changed.

    :)Sandy from Kentucky, you have come to the right place for encouragement, support, and great ideas. I hope you will keep coming back.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA

    Barbie - YES!!! Great post. All we need to do is start somewhere. It doesn't have to be perfect, it doesn't have to be all out. It doesn't have to be 20 or 40 minutes of exercise or 10,000 steps if we aren't in good shape or have issues that limit us.

    I actually did a super super early walk to the main road and back, 1/2 mile, when it was just beginning to get light out. That was enough.

    I hadn't done any Leslie Sansone walking videos in ages. When DH was alive, he monopolized our large living room with the TV so my walking was confined to a small bedroom. Anyhow, I got a Leslie DVD set up, realized she was a little speedier than I wanted to walk this morning, and found this series I did for a while last year:


    These videos are perfect for anyone wanting to go slow, just get some nice stretching and movement in. April and her mom are so cute. :D

    Walking buddy - Finally made contact with my walking buddy yesterday, explained to her I wasn't planning any pre-scheduled walks with her for a while. If I felt like getting out and having company, I'd get ahold of her. Left it at that. I know that since her knee surgery a few months ago, she really looked forward to walking and I'd encouraged her many times to just go solo, she didn't need me beside her since her balance and stamina was getting good. She'd always say, "But I'd rather be walking with you."

    Well, this morning I happened to look out my front window. Yes, she was walking AND she had a new walking partner - her husband who has diabetes, is overweight and really, really can benefit from walking. I hope he continues to walk with her. Another silver lining ;)

    Covid - OK, I'm back to 99%. Sense of smell has returned. In some ways, I feel lots better than I did before I came down with Covid. Balance seems better, aches and pains that had been troubling me for months aren't evident anymore. I think I just needed some extended resting and I sure got it.

    I have a doc appointment with my GP next Tuesday, a follow-up to see if she can find any lingering after effects. Also want to get my Vit D3 and A1C levels checked, and any other bloodwork I'm behind on.

    Shake the Sugar - Viv, I fell off the wagon mightily last night. I think it's Barbara who is a fan of the Lotus Biscoff cookies. They are my favorite too. Well, I had half a dozen with a glass of milk before bed and I slept more soundly last night than I've slept in a week. So, it's not sugar, it's medicine. :p

    Thinking of all of you who may be impacted by the hurricane. Hoping there's minimal power loss and damage to those of you either in the path or the periphery.

    Thinking of Beth, dealing with getting her mom moved closer.

    Lisa - I was thrilled you got to speak with a human and it looks like they will help you down the right path.

    OK better close for now. Welcome new ladies - jump in!!

    Make it a fabulous day, ladies! <3

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State where we're supposed to see a few drops of rain today. I'm not betting on it but it looks like it could happen.

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    Thanks Tina! I did move around some - did my yoga and my walking video with added arm circles. It feels better!😊

    Annie in Delaware
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    Rebecca--Sorry to hear you are still not doing well. I pray you get relief soon and the doctor can find the problem and get it taken care of.
    Tracey--Sorry about your friend. Prayers for her and her dad.
    Welcome Sandy, this is a great place for freindship and support.
    Betsy--What a great surprise!
    Have a zoom meeting over the lunch hour today. Glad it is zoom as then I can listen and do other stuff as needed.
    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND, NE <3
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    Another rough night. Four baths later, slept all over the house, in recliner, on couch, in bed, in bath, everywhere! Just whole abdomen tight, and the only thing that feels good was lying in hot water. Its now almost 11 am and I was able to sleep for two hours while Lee was at gym. Hadn't eaten since 2 yesterday, so at 8 am I had a cup of chicken broth, and just now after sleeping had 2 saltines. Nothing sound particularly good. Its not the flu, its not just an upset belly. I was really gurgling though at about 3 am. Its like my insides have a side ache. Called doctor and have an appointment for Thursday 1:40. This is nuts.

    Glad you have an appointment. I had something like that and it stemmed from colitis. It was bowel spasms for me. But definitely go to the ER before Thursday if it keeps getting worse!

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    Saw this and wanted to share news about MFP:

    “ Huge news: MyFitnessPal has been selected to work in collaboration with the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health.

    At MyFitnessPal, we’ve always been passionate about empowering people on their journey toward health and wellness.

    This amazing collaboration will allow us to help people on a larger scale than ever before—and we’re excited to share the good news!

    Responding to the administration’s call to action on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, we’re committed to offering one million MyFitnessPal Premium memberships to at-risk Americans nationwide by 2030—for free.

    Additionally, MyFitnessPal will also:

    Work alongside federally-qualified health centers and other regional agencies to reach the most at-risk populations.
    Support participants with nutrition and wellness content that engages and encourages them throughout their journey.
    Our mission at MyFitnessPal has always been to ignite powerful nutrition and wellness change by empowering users to succeed on their own terms—through comprehensive tracking, personalized data-led insights, expert guidance, and unwavering community support. The program, in collaboration with the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, directly supports our mission by encouraging and empowering Americans to pursue healthier lifestyles.

    In an effort to serve those most at-risk for diet-related diseases—such as heart disease and diabetes—as well as generate measurable change, the program will focus on outreach efforts toward the following groups:

    Underserved communities
    Communities of color
    Low-income families
    Rural Americans
    The program will focus on three goals:

    Supporting healthier eating choices – by providing access to a database of over 14 million foods for one million Americans. This can be used to manage dietary habits, reveal how food choices impact health, and increase their knowledge of nutrition.
    Empowering Americans to advocate for their own health – by playing a significant role in disease prevention and management. This is done by providing tangible personal nutrition and health data for Americans as they manage sodium, sugar, fiber, and protein intake.
    Improving access to nutrition, fitness, and wellness content – by offering kick-start plans centered on eating healthy on a budget, as well as tips from registered dietitians, nutritious recipes, exercise demos, and workout routines that will support healthy lifestyles and physical activity for all.
    We’re humbled and proud to work in support of the White House to help bring better health to Americans. Nutrition, and Health visit the official website, or watch the announcement live at 9am EST on Wednesday, September 28, 2022.”
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    Yesterday after work got to the gym! Ceramics at night. Had my boob squeeze yesterday. Worked today, went to WalMart and then Aldi. I was going to go to WalMart tomorrow but then I remembered that I’m at the Green Room tomorrow.

    Allie – Myles is so cute. When I saw the first pic, the child I thought of was – what’s her name, cupcakecravingsmom – her son was large – but the second pic of Myles had me smiling a mile a minute. So glad you figured out how to post. Now we get to see more pics of him.

    Rosemarie – I keep a copy of my vaccination record in my pocketbook and the real thing in the safe at home (((HUG))) I do hope this storm turns out to be a fizzle. How wonderful that you are taking that course!

    Carol – that’s not stupid at all. I remember when we were looking for a mattress for MIL, a regular box spring made the bed too high for her. They do make this boxspring that’s about ½ as thick. You don’t see it much in the stores, tho. Actually, it’s probably cheaper for you to just return the topper you have. Right now I’m looking for Ikea’s Songsand queen bed in white with 4 storage boxes for the condo. I really want the storage boxes since storage down there is at a premium. But I DO NOT want to pay $400 for a bed that may get used twice a year. So I’ll just keep looking on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Offer Up. Not like I’m in a real rush for it. Like Lisa, I read the reviews of anything I’m seriously considering buying off Amazon. Now you do have to take things with a grain of salt. Like some people will say “really hard to assemble” while others will say “easy assembly”.

    Rebecca – hope the appt. goes well. Keep us informed (I’m sure you will). If you were to start throwing up, get to the ER or Urgent Care FAST.

    Debbie - safe travels.

    Tracey – you know, one week I was quite surprised that my pay was so low. I know what I typically earn in a week. I know I didn’t take any time off. Well, fortunately, it’s not like we’re going to die. I know some people depend on the money to be able to pay their rent or buy groceries. I feel so blessed that that’s not the situation I’m in. I figure I’ll find out how much I made this year when I get my W-2….lol

    Sandy – welcome!

    We’re supposed to go to dinner with the Newcomers tonight. Vince likes this place, they used to go there after shooting. Another member hosts this music bingo which we’re going to see what it’s like. Sounds like it’ll be fun. I think I’ll just have the grilled chicken sandwich. I was looking at the shrimp taco, but it doesn’t look like you’ll get much. I’m going to see if the sandwich comes with fries or chips and I’ll ask to substitute something else, not sure what, tho. So I won’t be able to go for my walk (boo)

    Glad a lot of the new DVD’s that I got at the Salvation Army are walking DVD’s. I’ll probably do at least one of them on Sunday since it’ll be raining. I’ve been meaning to do a yoga one, too, before I take it to the condo but I’ve been going for a walk every Sunday. So now there’s no excuse

    Annie DE – why won’t the pharmacy refill your mom’s pills?

    Barbie – I couldn’t have said it better myself. Even trying something and finding out it really doesn’t work for you so you try something else is a definite step in the right direction.

    Lanette – thanks for that link. It’s perfect for anyone starting out

    We’;re supposed to get rain all weekend. Just have to work Sat. morning then no work until Monday.

    Michele NC
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    edited September 28
    Stats for the day-

    Walk/jog w/yogi- 1hr 5min 14sec, 28elev, 4.52ap, 124ahr, 160mhr, 5.07mi= 513c
    Strava app = 621c
    Walk/jog to eye doc- 37.01min, 9elev, 4.55ap, 126ahr, 156mhr, 2.80mi= 274c
    Strava app = 343c
    Walk/jog eye doc to home- 42.32min, 25elev, 4.38ap, 124ahr, 160mhr, 3.10mi= 315c
    Strava app = 381c

    Total 10.97mi.

    Usually don’t look at steps but took a peek. As of 12:15pm PST I have 22365

    Total cal 1102
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    Carol - the reason I started taking ceramics was to make some local friends. I find it difficult meeting people that I connect with now, so I thought a common interest would be a good place to start.

    I think any large piece of furniture is a miserable shopping process online or in store. I like them in the stores but after sitting/sleeping for a time I don’t like them.

    Margaret - I had a lady in my life that drank very rarely and had pancreatitis. She was livid that her alcoholic ex husband never got it and she did. I hope your DH listens better next time.

    Annie - would the pharmacy have a record of the vaccinations?

    Heather - I think it’s great that you have all those letters and fond memories.

    Tina - I hope you get answers on your knee soon. You could wait up to a year for a MRI here. One of my coworkers husband had back pain started in March, his MRI was scheduled for November. He ended up having emergency surgery in August when he became temporarily paralyzed. He had a compressed spine.

    Michele - you need to look at your pay stubs. I have been doing payroll for about 30 years now off and on and I always tell people I am not perfect and they should be paying attention.

    Allie - yay for the pictures!!!!! He is a cutie!
    We are starting our flu clinic at work soon. I have to wait until January for my next Covid booster.
    That’s a nice picture of Carmine.

    Lanette - I’m with you. I found that a bit confusing.

    Prayers for those of you in the hurricane path. Fiona devastated many areas of the Maritimes here in Canada.

    Lisa - I hope you are successful on getting your disability. My cousin fought for close to two years to get it, but got back pay from day one. As if fighting for financial security is what people need when they are facing disability.

    Vicki - I hope your employee gets on the right path so you don’t have to work OT.

    Rebecca - I hope you get answers on Thursday. This has been going on for 2-3 months now intermittently hasn’t it?

    My Best Friend is in NB, her and I have been friends since grade 2. When my Dad was sick and passed she was there more than me. Tomorrow her Dad will be having open heart surgery. He is a recovered, about 26 years, alcoholic and she is now closest to him. She has promised him for 3 weeks now that she will be there tomorrow and her soon to be daughter in law visiting from BC tested positive for Covid yesterday so she can’t be there. She is feeling very bad that won’t be there for him. One of her sisters went instead. I’m praying he comes through and has a lot more years. He turned into a pretty good man when he left the bottle behind.

    Tracey in Edmonton

    Yep it has.😢
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    Michele, it turns out that we were shorted 90 pills the last time we got them. So we ran out early, and the insurance won't pay yet. But I took the pill container back to the store and they gave us the extra pills, so we are good now. Just one of life's little hiccups.

    Annie in Delaware
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    So last night I slept well. Did have a hot bath beforehand though. After the bath at 10:30 I was able to have a BM ( I know tmi but that's life). Today slept in until 10:30! Took a nice shower, coconut oiled myself, dried my hair just so, and felt more myself. Had a piece of toast with slices of tomato, drizzled with a bit of Annie's shiitake sesame dressing, and some mayo. It actually tasted good. Nursing a coffee. Used my calendar on my tablet to log what I have eaten, and how I have felt for the month of September for my doctors appointment tomorrow. I have lost 6 lbs this month with all I have been dealing with. 🙄

    glad you got a good nights rest and hope you get some answers/relief tomorrow.
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