What Food Do You Regret Giving Up the Most?



  • springlering62
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    I’ve given up a lot of things for different reasons, but the only one I can think of for weight loss is Coke.
    I missed it A LOT! Of course, I can drink Diet Coke, or flavored pop. Not a problem because I’m not the least bit tempted to overdo it, or even to just drink any at all. But I miss that coke after a big meal to ease my pain, and that coke first thing in the morning to start my day off right, and that coke after a spicy meal to douse the flames, and that taste of sweet coke after a meal with no dessert, and—well, you get the picture.

    As the wife of a retired looooooong time Coke employee, I love you @corinasue1143.

    And as a former full-sugar drinker, I totally get it.

    Zero is fine and dandy, but doesn’t have the effervescent, zingy kick in the brain opening a new sugar can gives.

    Even better, though, was a glass bottle.
  • enlightenme3
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    Like @AnnPT77 I haven't given up any food or drink. I have changed HOW I eat some things though. Early on in the weight loss process, I decided to drink my morning coffee black - used to always like a splash or two of cream in my coffee. The other day I had some cream leftover from a baking project and thought to myself that I should use it up and maybe indulge in a splash into the coffee. I actually reached for the carton and then decided to put it back because it just didn't appeal to me anymore. I also liked to eat a bowl of ice cream most evenings. Besides actually weighing a serving size out now, I'll sometimes scoop out a half a serving and top off with my regular serving of plain Fage 0% greek yogurt. Tastes just as decadent to me and I feel like I'm getting a bigger serving of a treat.
  • COGypsy
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    I can't think of anything I've given up specifically for weight loss. I have digestive problems that require me to limit fat and fiber. I really miss popcorn. I love popcorn. I could eat it every day. I've found a brand of heirloom popcorn that doesn't have as much of a hull and that does okay, but I can only still have it once or twice a week max and definitely no butter. I miss dried fruit too, but not nearly as much as my beloved popcorn.
  • ninerbuff
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    I regret NOTHING. It's not what I eat, it's HOW MUCH.

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  • kenziestabes
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    So the only food/beverage I've truly given up is soda/pop/coke. I used to crave it like crazy, but the other day, I split one with a friend (it was hot outside, we were tired, and we had a long day ahead of us.) It was way too sweet! I ended up dumping my half into my reusable water bottle and drinking a 50/50 mix of Coke and water.

    I don't eat meat as much as I used to. I have one cheeseburger a week as a treat to myself but that's sometimes the only pork or beef I have all week. I ascribe to the 80/20 philosophy, where you eat super healthy 80% of the time and treat yourself 20%.

    My two foods I find myself avoiding are pre made chocolate chip cookies and bubble gum. I could eat an entire sleeve of Chewy Chips Ahoy! As for gum, I can't have sugar free gum but could easily chew 10 pieces of sugary gum a day. At 20 calories per piece, that's 200 calories of what? Saliva?
  • HoneyBadger302
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    I haven't eliminated any foods - technically. That said, there are currently ZERO "sweet treats" in the house (no candy, no ice cream, etc) - and I was really wanting some yesterday, and nothing even buried at the back of the cupboards or in a corner of the freezer LOL.

    The one thing I wish I could eat way more of but simply cannot is pasta - I love it. I love it in massive quantities with all different types of toppings from just a little oil and salt to all the fixin's. I tend to avoid it because a reasonable serving is just - pathetic, and worse than not having it at all in my mind.
    Weirdly, this is the ONLY food my brain seems to feel that way about! Other things, such as sweets, I can enjoy a couple bites of dark chocolate and be happy. Or a serving of ice cream and be content. Not pasta though. The substitutions are NOT the same, either. I may have to look into what @AnnPT77 suggested - I wouldn't be having it often so the cost may be okay.
    Pizza I always share with the bf, so half of one I just plan into my day or on an extra active day. I can eat an entire pizza on my own, but depends on how heavily topped it is too, and I always go for thin crust, so that cuts into the calories a lot.
  • musicfan68
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    I haven't really eliminated anything either. If I want Doritos, I go buy a small bag of them. I have naturally quit eating so much sugar because overly sweet foods give me heartburn, as well as all kinds of chocolate. I don't keep sweets, or snack foods in the house at all. If I want something, I will purposely make the decision to go out and buy 1 serving of what I want.
  • lulalacroix
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    I pretty much eat whatever I want in regards to weight loss, so I'm not really missing anything in that aspect. Although I'd love to eat a lot more nuts.

    I was recently diagnosed celiac and my entire gut is a damned mess. So I'm off all products with gluten along with other foods I love like jalapenos, coffee, fried things, all alcohols and some other stuff. In this aspect I really, really miss a good french loaf, a hot cup of good coffee, my favorite glass of red, sparkling water and adding jalapenos to everything.

    Hopefully when my gut heals I can add most of these back, minus of course the gluten foods.
  • wunderkindking
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    There is very little I truly gave up and miss - as in: If I'd really miss it, I didn't give it up so much as I greatly reduced quantity of frequency.

    The one thing I DO miss having a lot more frequently? ...Whole milk. I still drink dairy milk because the calories/protein ratio is pretty good but I used to drink like half a gallon of whole milk in a day when I got going. I miss that.

    ...In theory. In practice not sure I'd really care for it now, but. Such are brains.
  • MsCzar
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    The one thing I DO miss having a lot more frequently? ...Whole milk. I still drink dairy milk because the calories/protein ratio is pretty good but I used to drink like half a gallon of whole milk in a day when I got going. I miss that.

    Same. I used to go through a gallon of whole milk just about every other day.