Better self

Hi y’all! I’m not quite new here, I downloaded this app back in 2016 and never used it but now I’m determined. Wish me luck :smile:


  • capgordon1293
    capgordon1293 Posts: 149 Member
    Good luck u got this
  • leeuk
    leeuk Posts: 19 Member
    Good luck 👍
  • driganezis
    driganezis Posts: 15 Member
    Just work it! ;)
  • LetsGoGhouls
    LetsGoGhouls Posts: 4 Member
    Same here! Determined to get this extra weight off. Sick of feeling tired all of the time.
  • JarheadSFMF
    JarheadSFMF Posts: 54 Member
    You got this...
  • californiagirl1969
    californiagirl1969 Posts: 50 Member
    Meow1397 welcome, this app and community can really help you reach your goals if you stick around an commit to a little logging of your, food and exercise daily and community.

    Congratulations on coming back and making goals for yourself, you can do this.👍👏
  • Monicab5588
    Monicab5588 Posts: 3 Member
    Same girl! Only used minimal amount of time since I downloaded years ago! Good luck!!!
  • katrose1985
    katrose1985 Posts: 45 Member
    Feel free to add me if you’d like! I’m on a mission to lose 60lbs post baby #2 and would love an accountability friend! I log daily and love this journey!! I just started about a week ago!
  • luvialca
    luvialca Posts: 8 Member
    Good luck! I’m also interested in new friends to motivate and be motivated.