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  • acaruso1011
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    EXTREMELY DISSAPOINTED! This caught me off guard this past week. Now I am sorry I did not know sooner or I would not have updated the app. This is one of my fav features and what led me to MFP in the first place. I will be looking for an alternative as a $19.99 monthly sub is ABSURD to pay for this! Sorry MFP but you just jumped the shark! Hopefully you will reconsider.
  • imruss
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    In a bold move, myfitnesspal obliterates barcode scanning in the "free version". After introducing obtrusive full-app blocking ads, MFP heaps another inconvenience upon its long time users - the ability to scan barcodes is gone. Now, during the worst economic downturn in decades, when family budgets are stretched and people are forced to choose wiser, more economical food choices, MFP adds a layer of difficulty in making those decisions. It comes as no surprise as businesses are encouraged to shed bloating budgets, that some mistakenly call it wise to inconvenience and alienate their once loyal customers. Good job MFP on your ludicrous BBCode move.
  • briandmeehan
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    Is the bar code scanning only for premium now?
  • dinanelson3
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    I've been using the free version of the app for 15+ years and today when I went to scan a label I couldn't anymore (it keeps pulling up an ad to purchase the Premium version of the app). Is this a permanent change?
  • glassyo
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    yirara wrote: »
    I just checked, and it's still working for me. Maybe because I've not updated the app? Not that I ever used it as the database entries I get tend to be *kitten* and then I can't simply chose a different one as with searching by typing.

    Someone on another thread said people who have been around a while get an extra month.
  • Betsy_Joy
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    Is anybody switching to a new tracking system that doesn’t make you pay to scan a barcode?
  • Retroguy2000
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    Nope. I never used the feature, won't miss it.

    You're over a month late for this discussion btw.

    Every free app tries to monetize in some way, sooner or later. It's inevitable.
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    I have such a long streak I really hate to leave.... but I've heard of a lot of people switching to Lose It. I'm still on the fence because I hate to start my days logged in streak from scratch.
  • Qbaimee
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    I have been on this app far too long and I have soooooo much data here. I am not risking losing it. I paid for the premium. You dont "need" the barcode scanner. Just type in what you are looking for and you will find it.
  • lriggle9432
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    Have to pay for the app to get the food scanner. Bye Bye MyFitnessPal .
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    Just leaving a comment to see if this thread disappears like the one earlier today.
  • rwhite1510
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    I agree, this is absurd to have to pay for the barcode scan after it has been free for so many years and it's free on other apps. Not sure I would continue using this app.
  • Tesha231
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    Kinda ironic that the bar scan that helps us easily track nutrition is removed as a free perk in light of MFP's selection the The White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health. Unless the honor came with a price tag as sponsorships often do, then it makes sense why MFP would pass the fee to app users. Of all things to remove, I would not have thought making it harder to stay on track nutritionally would have floated to the top of the Premium list if nutrition and health is MFP goal for the US. Fortunately we can track manually, but gosh. Really? I do like the ap and will continue to use it despite the inconvenience until Premium is made mandatory.
  • the5bens
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    Sad to say that after nearly 10 years of using this app, I am leaving it! Once a great tool that helped me lose over 100 lbs by watching and counting calories, but tired of having a "Free" site continually take things away and if you want them back you must sign up for a premium account. Thanks MYfitnesspal, BUT NO THANKS!!!!
  • rarecandy89
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    I have used this app for 12 years, and I am leaving due to their greed also! LoseIt is now the winner in this race!
  • LiveOnceBeHappy
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    I love MFP. Without it, I think it would have been much more difficult to lose and now maintain my weight loss. I've been signed up for years and then have been active every single day for 14 months now. I do not find them greedy. I find them to be running a business. Without revenue, it will fold altogether. I much prefer it it WW program and app.
  • brmusic
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    I’m changing and removing as much data as possible before leaving. The service they offer is no longer worth the price of my data, my referrals, and my loyalty. Remember, ‘free’ still has a cost, and other companies are willing to offer better services for your data.