Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 203



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    Start Weight at beginning of challenge:113.7kg
    1/11: 111.7kg I can't remember much. My scales were broken so I started a downward spiral. My parents offered me a set of their scales but their batteries were dead. I stupidly brought myself a large bag of salt and vinegar chips, a cake of chocolate and a bottle of l&p. Then I was sick all night... I had a warning, because my breath smelt really bad. I felt quesy and was getting out of bed every 3-10 minutes to go to the toliet.
    2/11: 110.1kg Pretty much ate and drank whatever I felt like today... I had l&p, a hot chocolate, water, a coffee, crackers, wheatbix, a grilled cheese sandwich with onion relish and tomato (which I couldn't finish, I gave half to my dad). I don't think my weightloss is real, I think it's just water and I'll regain most of the weight I've lost in the last day once my illness is over. My dad is wondering if I have covid. I want someone to go out and get me some of those small yoghurt drinks to build up the good bacteria in my gut. I'm considering buying those two dresses but still have a voice in my head saying "don't do it". I'm wondering whether someone in my family will buy me one of them for Christmas. One of the dresses is nearly half it's original cost so I'm definately tempted. Lowest weight in five years. Weird. It's just weird. My collar bones aren't even showing.

    3.6kg lost in ten days.

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    @quiltingjaine Thank you for the pep talk! Stress and it’s effects on the body is no joke! I’ve been the “nurse” for my parents for a lot of years and it is no easy task.
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    You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be better than you were before

    30, 5'5"
    OSW: 164.2
    GW: 130-135

    Previous Rounds:
    R69: 158.1; R70: 156.5; R71: 156.3 R72: 156.3; R73: 155.2; R74: 155.4; R75: 156.1; R76: 155.6; R80: 153.2; R81: 154.3; R82: 154.1; R84: 156.5; R89: 156.7; R91: 160.1; R93: 159.3; R94: 156.1; R98: 154.5; R99: 155.9; R100: 152.8; R101: 149.7; R102: 149.0; R103: 149.0; R104: 146.2; R105: 146.6; R106: 144.6; R107: 146.8; R108: 147.7; R109: 148.1; R110: 150.1; R111: 154.3; R112: 152.6; R113: 151.7; R121: 153.0; R122: 154.8; R123: 153.9; R124: 153.4; R125: 155.6; R126: 152.3; R127: 151.5; R128: 151.0; R129: 151.0; R130: 152.6; R131: 153.9; R132: 150.6; R133: 151.2; R134: 149.3; R135: 149.5; R136: 148.4; R137: 147.9; R138: 148.4; R139: 151.9; R140: 150.4; R141: 150.4; R142: 144.0; R143: 144.2; R144: 147.0; R145: 145.7; R146: 145.9; R147: 145.9; R148: 146.5; R149: 147.3; R150: 146.8; R151: 147.9; R152: 147.7; R153: 147.2; R154: 147.0; R155: 144.7; R157: 146.1; R158: 146.6; R159: 146.3; R160: 150.2; R161: 146.7; R162: 144.6; R163: 146.2; R164: 147.3; R165: 146.3; R166: 148.5; R167: 147; R168: 148.4; R169: 151.4; R170: 148.9; R171: 144.8 R172: DNW; R173: 146.1; R174: 147.9; R175: 145.9; R176: 150.5; R177: 149.3; R179: 150.5; R180: 151.6; R181: DNW; R182: 150.2; R183: 152.9; R184: 153.4; R185: 151.3; R186: 152.3; R187: 151.8; R188: 150.9; R189: 152.6; R190: DNW; R191: 154.8; R192: 155.5; R193: 155.2; R194: 156.5; R195: DNW; R196: 155.7; R197: DNW; R198: 156.1; R199: DNW; R200: DNW; R201: 159.8; R202: 159.7

    Last weight
    10/23 - 159.7

    Round Goal: 155lb Water goal: 90oz.

    Day, Weight, Comment
    10/24 - 159.6
    10/25 - 160.6
    10/26 - 160.1
    10/27 - 160.3
    10/28 - DNW
    10/29 - DNW
    10/30 - DNW
    10/31 - 161.3
    11/01 - 161.3
    11/02 - 160.5 - Gotta love stress and how it impacts the body. TOM finally showed up. Kinda. Enough to help with the bloat. I'm still dealing with some of it, but the worst of it (read: the uncomfortable bloat) is mostly gone. I am, however, dealing with a bad bout of acne. Patience is not currently a virtue for me and I want my body to cooperate hahahah. I think we are on the backend of it and things will slowly get better from here. I was just barely over calories yesterday (about 50?) including the very little "exercise cals" I had. Today should be better. I forced myself up for a 10 minute rowing workout (with a couple minutes warmup and cooldown) followed by a yoga for flexibility. I'm not hungry so hoping to fast for awhile. I have a bunch of spinach I need to use up (I already added it to my breakfast eggs and then dinner tacos yesterday) but I've still got so much. I also have my sweet potatoes I need to eat up, too. Lunches should be pretty well covered, health-wise.

    Previous Day's Comments
    10/24 - Not the worst for a weekend bump. Linner turned into dinner last night and all the sides brought me closer to calorie goal than I originally anticipated. I attempted to estimate logging, but could be off as with anything made by others. I did manage no alcohol, though! And only ate until I was comfortably satisfied and no more! Little things that will keep me on track. I also did a 10 minute bedtime yoga routine before curling up in bed which got me my 3 days of workouts. New week starts today with a 10 minute rowing workout followed by 15 minute flexibility yoga. Not sure plans for lunches or dinners this week but I haven't gone to the store. Trying to focus on paying off debt and limit the grocery bill to only as necessary. No fresh fruits or veggies so I think I'll add frozen fruits and veg to my list for the future. I do have some canned veg as well as the steamable packs to get through until my next trip. On to the weekly routine and (hopefully) progress!!
    10/25 - Only thing I can think of is that dinner was a bit more salty than I prefer last night.... That and I'm pretty sore, mostly upper body/back but a little in the lower legs from yesterday's rowing workout. No workout this morning due to the soreness. May aim for a little yoga later on. Not entirely sure dinner other than BF pulled out some fajita chicken meat (he makes fajitas, burritos, and tacos from it). I splurged with breakfast as I was hungry and ate a piece of pumpkin bread I made over the weekend with my coffee. I've been craving coffee cake, but the bread is lower calories and less sugar. Plus, for someone who hates pumpkin flavor, it's not terribly bad! Will need to up the movement through the day as well as watch my food intake very carefully if I want to see a drop tomorrow, though. I have lunch planned (the frozen steam bags of broccoli with some of the chicken breast from yesterday's lunch), and logged both lunch and what I KNOW will be involved with dinner to give me a good idea of how close I am. Totally doable!
    10/26 - It's down but not as much as I had hoped. Had to estimate calories on a chicken caesar salad from a bar/grill (it was the best caesar salad I've had). Went there after dropping truck off and hearing there's a high chance it'll be done by end of day. (Spoiler: it was not). Fortunately, it was so filling (and we ate so late) that I wasn't super hungry at dinner. I ended up only having one small taco which, by estimate, put me right at goals. And no exercise calories eaten back. Today BF promised to help FamHub and with only one vehicle (jeep has a flat) I will have to go into town with him to drive the car home if the truck gets finished. Tossed and turned all night so slept in an extra 30 minutes. No time for workout. Depending on what we help with at FamHub's (usually physical labor), I'll focus on squeezing in 10 squats here, 10 pushups there through the day to get that little strength building and movement. About to go pour my cup of coffee and I'll knock out 10 squats doing that to start the day strong!
    10/27 - I really don't know.... I'm still a tad sore today but not enough to increase the scale... I'm honestly feeling horribly bloated, even if I don't look that bad. It seems too early for the pre-TOM bloat, but maybe? It's about all I can think of. I've been logging all my food, paying attention to portions, and drinking OVER my 90oz goal most days (and right on goal the other days). Yesterday I ended up having to do a lunch break grocery run since we were out of breakfast foods for today and tomorrow. I parked at the back of the parking lot and ran inside..not walked, I actually jogged. Walked with the grocery cart back to the car, loaded it and got a text asking for something. So I jogged back to the store, got what I needed, and it was small enough to hold so I jogged the entire parking lot back to my car. 3 parking lot distance runs in one day. Whew. This morning I went ahead and knocked out a 20 min complete rowing workout so I couldn't distract myself or procrastinate until it was too late. On a happy note, I got a big ol' thing of baby spinach and some extra bell peppers so I can make myself some healthier breakfasts and lunches. I'll turn my leftover tacos into taco salad haha! I'll add spinach and bell pepper to my eggs!
    10/28 - DNP
    10/29 - DNP
    10/30 - DNP
    10/31 - Weekend was not kind to me. Eating out all day Saturday then spur of the moment meals Sunday as we did some much needed house work while watching football (new dining room light installed, got a wall back up behind washer and dryer. Whew). Today I'm sore, slightly dehydrated still (despite having enough water yesterday, it takes a few days), and I'm all kinds of bloated. I expected TOM to be here by today but it's having a grand ol' time keeping me feeling bloated and miserable as long as possible I'm guessing. No workout as my body needs a break after yesterday's manual labor. Will be trying to get up and move through the day, though, just to help move some of the water I'm retaining. Already ate breakfast so no fasting for me. Will have to plan lunch accordingly as I'm not sure dinner plans yet. Fortunately, no trick or treaters this far out into the country so no halloween candy in the house. I'm in full-on damage control for the last days of this round for sure.
    11/01 - Still no TOM, still excessively bloated, and still very much uncomfortable. I am not sure what's going on with my body at this point. I'm rightfully impatient this go around. We ended up going to Fam's for homemade gumbo then trick or treating with the kiddos. I tossed together a Wednesday Addams look from the Addams Family (didn't have time or opportunity to buy anything. Fortunately I have the hair!) and walked around with them. Last night's dinner was going to be homemade burgers (with homemade buns! Wheee) but not sure if we are changing it up to "Taco Tuesday" today and forgetting burgers. I do have some sweet potatoes I roasted yesterday I can add to lunch or dinner because I simply love them so much. I also bought a butternut squash (a fall favorite of mine) and an acorn squash. I've never had acorn or spaghetti squash but it was a goal of mine to try at least one of them this year. I might have to find a good recipe and make it up for lunch. Alright, it's 6:30 already, I need to get some yoga in before work at 7. Hopefully today is the day I can catch up on posts, too.

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    HSW - 218.2 (Feb. 2015) - 135
    2022 Goals — calories below maintenance, adjusted every 10 lbs; move more; eat mostly healthfully, no extremes. Be below 170 by the end of the year.

    📆 History

    R172 12/27/21: end weight 180.2. Moving Ave 181.1 (-.2). Ave calories 1721.
    R173 1/06/22: end weight 177.8. Moving Ave 177.9 (-3.3). Ave calories 1376.
    R174 1/16/22: end weight 178. Moving Ave 178 (+.1). Ave calories 1469.
    R175 1/26/22: end weight 179. Moving Ave 178.4 (+.4). Ave calories 1580.
    R176 2/05/22: end weight 179.8. Moving Ave 179.7 (+1.3). Ave calories 1594.
    R177 2/15/22: end weight 178.4. Moving Ave 178.3 (-1.4). Ave calories 1473.
    R178 2/25/22: end weight 178.8. Moving Ave 178.8 (+.5). Ave calories 1714.
    R179 3/07/22: end weight 178.2. Moving Ave 177.9 (-.9). Ave calories 1646.
    R180 3/17/22: end weight 180.2. Moving Ave 179.9 (+2). Ave calories 1823.
    R181 3/27/22: end weight 180.2. Moving Ave 180.5 (+.6). Ave calories 1762 (goal <1400).
    R182 4/06/22: end weight 180. Moving Ave 179.8 (-.7). Ave calories 1489 (goal <1400).
    R183 4/16/22: end weight 179.2. Moving Ave 179.3 (-.5). Ave calories 1482 (goal <1400).
    R184 4/26/22: end weight 180.4. Moving average 180 (+.7). Ave calories 1588. (goal <1400)
    R185 5/06/22: end weight 179.6. Moving average 180 (+/-0). Ave calories 1820. (goal <1400).
    R186 5/16/22: end weight 181.6. Moving average 181.4 (+1.4). Ave calories 1744. (Goal <1400).
    R187 5/26/22: end weight 180.2. Moving Ave 180.4 (-1). Ave calories 1859. (Goal <1400).
    R188 6/05/22: end weight 181. Moving ave 182.2 (+1.8). Ave calories 1835. (Goal <1600).
    R189 6/15/22: end weight 179.8. Moving Ave 180.7 (-1.5). Ave calories 1559. (Goal <1600).
    R190 6/25/22: end weight 179 (goal!). Moving Ave 179.6 (-1.1). Ave calories 1814 (Goal <1600).
    R191 7/05/22: end weight 179.8. Moving Ave 180.2 (+0.6). Ave calories 1650 (Goal <1600).
    R192 7/15/22: end weight 177.8. Moving Ave 177.8 (-2.4). Ave calories 1398 (Goal <1600).
    R193 7/25/22: end weight 177.8. Moving Ave 177.8 (+/-0). Ave calories 1700 (Goal <1600).
    R194 8/04/22: end weight 178.6. Moving. Ave 178.4 (-.2). Ave calories 1932 (Goal <1600).
    R195 8/14/22: end weight 178. Moving Ave 178 (-.4). Ave calories 1779 (goal <1600).
    R196 8/24/22: end weight 177.6. Moving Ave 177.8 (-.2). Ave calories 1543 (goal <1600).
    R197 8/25/22: end weight 179. Moving Ave 178.4 (+.6). Ave calories 1510 (goal <1600).
    R198 9/04/22: end weight 177.2. Moving Ave 177.6 (-.8). Ave calories 1413.
    R199 9/14/22: end weight 177. Running average 177.6. Average calories 1450 (goal 1400).
    R200 09/23/22: end weight 176.8. Running average 177.2 (-.4). Average calories 1387 (goal 1400).
    R201 10/13/22: end weight 177. Running ave 177 (-.2). Ave calories 1415, but higher numbers the second half of round.
    Feb. 2015: highest weight 218.2
    2015: end weight running average 178.2
    2016: end weight running average 147.7
    2017: end weight running average 148
    2018: end weight running average 137.2.
    Extreme elimination diet (doctor prescribed) for diagnostic reasons, very low calories, then boom! Gained 40 pounds.
    2019: end weight running average 176.1
    2020: end weight running average 183.8.
    2021: end weight running average 179.4.

    R202 10/23/22: end weight 178.2. Running Ave 177.6 (+.6). Ave calories 1357, goal <1400.
    R203 11/02/22: end weight 176.6. Running Ave 176.6 (-1). Ave calories 1453, goal <1400.


    10/24 - 178.6
    Carry over from my grief splurge. This too shall pass. I’m hoping to get out for a long walk on our beautiful Rivergreenway.

    10/25 - 177.6
    That’s better.

    10/26 - 178.2
    Pitch-in lunch yesterday with my creative group. I did skip dinner, but also ate well at lunch and some of it was salty. Mostly healthy, though, so that was good. I think a lot of this is H2O. On track today.

    10/27 - 176.8
    Yay! I knew a lot of that weight was water.

    10/28 - 176.8
    Nothing to report! 🤪

    10/29 - 176.6
    I’m doing much better controlling my snack monster at night. Yay!

    10/30 - 176.2
    Ok, something’s working!

    10/31 - 🎃 177
    Pizza last night, and calories a bit high, but not catastrophic. And I haven’t touched the Halloween candy, so there’s that!

    11/01 - 176.4
    That’s better. I feel like I beat Halloween. I had one mini PayDay bar, which satisfied my desires, and was still within calories.

    11/02 - 176.6
    Ok, good round! I finally feel like I’m back on track. I hadn’t realized until the past two weeks how much Rory’s fear/anxiety and resulting behavior issues were stressing me, and how much of my snacking was a response to that stress. New goal — be below 170 by January 1. Very doable, even with the holidays.


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    @SheilaBoneham I never realized until recently how stress was affecting me.

    Sending prayers of peace to everyone.
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    Female 5’1” Age 72 years
    Started Keto WOE 7/17/17 (mid-Rnd 10)
    *Travel - no scale part of the time
    HWE 197.0 (2/2008)
    Weight on 1/17/17 174.5
    OGW 137 (set by WW 2008, WW goal 1985 was 126) UGW was 125 (HS weight 1968)
    Maintaining below 120

    👍👍This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE👍👍
    Rnd 7 167.0 to Rnd 17 155.5
    To Rnd 27 146*
    To Rnd 37 139.0
    To Rnd 47 133.5*
    To Rnd 57 131.5
    To Rnd 67 128.0
    To Rnd 77 125.0
    To Rnd 87 121.0*
    To Rnd 97 121.0
    To Rnd 107 122.0
    To Rnd 117 116.0
    To Rnd 127 117.0
    To Rnd 137 117.0
    To Rnd 147 116.0 🙌
    To Rnd 157 115.5
    To Rnd 167 119.4
    To Rnd 177 118.3
    To Rnd 187 120.0 AW 119.6
    To Rnd 197 121.5 AW 119.15
    SW RND 198 119.0 AW 119.75
    SW RND 199 119.5 AW 119.55
    SW RND 200 120.0 AW 122.35
    SW RND 201 123.0 AW 121.35
    SW RND 202 124.0 AW 121.25

    We ALL have good rounds and bad but that is part of life. Don’t stay away, stay accountable. We don’t judge, we support.-Jpv,2/13/19

    What we need to succeed is a sustainable way of eating, not a DIET we go on and off.

    People say keto/LCHF isn’t sustainable. I’ve been doing it for almost 5 years with amazing results!

    This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE.

    Up and down - just riding the waves of life. 🌊 🏄‍♀️ (My new mantra-3/19/22)

    "Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda

    **Comments apply to previous day**

    SW RND 203 122.5 AW 122.65
    10/24 122.0 Today was my art quilt group. I left the house at 8:30 and got home around 2:30. Lots of sitting and driving!
    10/25 122.0 My glucose and ketones were great this morning considering we had McRib and fries for dinner! DH read they’re back - maybe for the last time and wanted to see if they were as good as the first time - decades ago at the Riverboat McDonald’s in St. Louis. They’re not.
    10/26 122.5 Went to brunch at Omelet House, ate 1 slice of sourdough and some fried potatoes as well as about 1/4 of my 6 egg Chile verde omelet.
    10/27 123.0
    10/28 123.0 I was 123.5 when I got up but after 6 cups of coffee and TMI x 2, I reweighed. That’s not something I usually do but I felt lighter.
    10/29 123.5 Had pot roast and veg (no potatoes for me) for the first time in months. Not DH’s favorite-he tolerates it on occasion because I like it. ❤️ Doctor wasn’t happy with my BP, med asst said “those cuffs aren’t very accurate” before she even checked my BP which is ALWAYS up in office however, I showed her that it was within a couple of points of their machine and my BP is good when not there. He said I had only taken the one med for “a couple of days” but I had taken it for about 2 YEARS (he initiated it) when I realized it was the cause of my vertigo. Added another med which I wasn’t able to pick up when I was headed home from errands in the afternoon. Sorry for the rant - not checking BP now!!!
    10/30 123.0 Took new BP med last night. Not excited about possible side effects especially since the pharmacist said because I had a previous allergic reaction to a CCB I need to watch for it. Plus “peripheral swelling” is on the list.Sorry for another rant. This whole thing is making my BP go up!!!!
    10/31 123.5 Great Greek yesterday, ate half a pita. Had a headache yesterday afternoon and it was worse when I woke up this morning. Not my “normal” arthritis headache but may be gone now. Awake at 4:30AM
    11/1 122.0 protein and asparagus
    11/2 122.0 protein and Brussels sprouts