What's your ingenious splurge?

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Hi everyone. As I approach my 60-day mark here on MFP (second round, after a 10-year gap), I was thinking about what's made the difference for my success this go-round. I have been able to sustain my effort, maintain my focus, and persevere despite obstacles and setbacks. I was thinking about why that is.

One of the answers I came up with surprised me a bit: ingenious splurges, ones that serve as a cheat or a reward but don't really affect my food diary in any "disastrous" degree.

Here's one of my sweet cheats: 2-4 tablespoons of whipped topping (comes in a can, refrigerated)...10-30 calories. Plus a gram or two of Jello sugar free pudding mix, sprinkled over it (works best shaken thru a fine strainer)...1 calorie. Vanilla or chocolate. Heaven.

Here's a savory cheat: fresh ground black pepper on 2 ounces of chicken breast meat, shredded or cut finely, the better to absorb Trader Joe's turkey gravy (20 calories for 1/4 cup)...77 calories and nice bump of protein. Add Trader Joe's mashed cauliflower for a low cal/carb extravaganza.

What's your favorite tip for 2022 as rocket toward 2023?


  • Saving that savory idea for Thanksgiving!!!
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    Sweet treat -- dried cocoa powder (baking cocoa) mixed with a small amount of sugar and a small amount of milk, to a consistency similar to unset pudding (in the U.S. sense -- I guess think custard in the U.K.) or unset fudge. I can usually get a satisfying amount for under a hundred calories, sometimes under 50 calories.

    Savory treat -- Greek (strained) plain yogurt mixed with powdered cheese (similar to what some folks put on popcorn -- I like cheddar, either King Arthur Flour or Hoosier brand). A satisfying serving of this tends to run me between 100 and 150 calories, with a decent protein boost. I like to add enough cheese that the yogurt gets noticeably thicker.
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    My favs are— an apple cut in half and cored, 1 caramel in the middle, in the microwave maybe 15 seconds. Fantastic caramel apple, mostly healthy apple.

    Dried cherry with an almond or two.

    Oatmeal bars. Mostly oatmeal, bananas, eggs, with a variety of nuts, dried fruits, seeds. Always keep 2 or 3 flavors in freezer.