Not new here, but new to posting! -78lbs

Hi everyone! I’m Kate 👋🏼 Michigander, Momma of 1. Mid 30’s as of next week 🫠 and I’m a part time Para Educator at an Elementary school. I mostly help kids with special needs and with students who just need an extra helping hand or another shoulder to lean on.
I’ve been here on MFP for about 18months. Mostly focused on logging my meals and holding myself accountable. During that time I’ve lost 78 lbs (lots of ups and downs!) and I would love to start “meeting” some of you in the community! Full disclosure- I am bad at social media! I forget to check messages and I’m bad at scrolling 😅 I do hop on here sometimes to read a few of these threads and find them so inspiring! I plan do to that more. Feel free to add me as a friend or comment or connect! I’d love some friends to help hold each other accountable on here!


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    It before and after pic looks amazing…congrats! I’m trying to get back in the game. I can’t really figure out the community boards but wish you the best!