I'm intermittent fasting for weight loss, anyone else?


Anyone here intermittent fasting? I started 5 weeks ago at 12-12 and gradually decreased the window to 16-8, now it tends to be 1 meal a day. I can easily go 24 hours without food now without feeling the slightest bit hungry.

I've started to notice how much I'm now struggling to actually eat, yesterday I had Cajun style lentils with kidney beans, rice and a bit of salad (489cals). I struggled with the last few mouthfuls because I was full after only 489 calories. I went to the gym and did an hours cardio, and some weights, came back and tried eating again. I had tuna, couscous and lentils with rice (504cal), which I didn't want but knew I needed to eat.

Today I made a kind of paella, prawns & tuna with rice and a few spices (705cals), 85g protein. I ate a 3rd of the plate before starting to get full, I stopped at half. So today I've only had around 350 calories and I'm full, I'll attempt the other half later on.

MFP puts my target at 1,700 a day to lose 1 & 1/2lbs a week, and I haven't eaten more than 1,000 calories a day since Saturday, simply because I'm not hungry. I'm worried that the weight I'm losing will end up being muscle and not fat because I'm not eating enough protein.

It's mad how I'm obese, trying to lose weight and now worried I'm not eating enough.

Has anyone else experienced similar? How did it work out for you?


    LJAAYY Posts: 6 Member
    Makes sense to me; in my experience when you start to fast your “stomach shrinks” and you get fuller quicker in future meals. I usually only eat 1 meal a day at ~7:30pm.

    Would assume your stored fat can fuel your work outs well enough & if concerned about muscle loss could make sure the meals you do eat are high in protein?