Sweet Tooth

AndreaDee23 Posts: 8 Member
I am trying to lose weight and eat better but am getting sweet cravings at night. What are some healthier options I can make as a sweet snack? Thanks!


  • sarabushby
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    Low calorie jelly?
    Small pot of low fat rice pudding?
    Frozen grapes?
    ‘Protein fluff’?
    Low calorie ice cream?
    One miniature chocolate bar?
    Small amount of dark chocolate?
    Skyr pot?
    Low calorie cereal bar like Alpen Light?

    Just be aware you might be better trying to wean yourself off the sweet treats as it can be a bit of a cycle and if you can break the circuit you’ll probably stop craving them and never notice their absence.

    If it’s evening time then I find brushing my teeth ready for bed but a bit earlier is a good way to stop me having anything else to eat.
  • AnnPT77
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    Yasso Greek Yogurt bars (frozen)
    Plain Greek yogurt mixed with chocolate peanut butter powder, then with frozen berries
    Sweet-tasting (unsweetened) herb teas

    I found that if I increased my daily fruit intake, my cravings for less nutrient-dense sweets (baked goods, candies) decreased over time. This doesn't work for everyone, but I've heard others say the same, so it may be worth a try.

    I also found I had less evening cravings in general if I got a solid breakfast with plenty of protein, then protein through the day. That's far from universal, but again, it may be worth experimenting with the timing, size, or nutrient mix of your all-day meals/snacks to see if that helps you reduce evening cravings.
  • Hiawassee88
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    ^^^Yasso Greek Yogurt Bites, only 35 calories. They're simply amazeballs.
  • tina9617
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    Sugar free jello
    Sugar free pudding packets made with water and then frozen
    Sugar free popsicle

    A spoon full of minced garlic or kimchi
  • RMcCabe3174
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    I keep the sugar free jello cups in the fridge. I also keep a can of fat-free whipping cream. When I have that “gotta have dessert” craving I’ll open a cup and give it a shot of whipping cream for a total of 15 total calories. It usually does the trick!
  • bethstudt3519
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    Built bars - so yummy and loaded with protein!
  • laurosaurusrex
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    Not sure the calorie range you’re looking for, but I swear by Lil Buff Cakes. I’m not vegan, but their vegan line tastes better than the normal one IMO.

    They hit the spot and have decent amount of protein and fiber too! :)
  • JaysFan82
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    It requires self control (which admittedly I'm not the King of haha) but I have a bag of Werthers Original sugar free chewy Caramels in my desk at work. They are only 20 calories per caramel. I love them. If I have a craving I'll suck on a couple while I'm working on an email or on a call.
  • spendarvis13
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    Yasso bars have been my savior for late night cravings