Sweet Tooth

AndreaDee23 Posts: 10 Member
I am trying to lose weight and eat better but am getting sweet cravings at night. What are some healthier options I can make as a sweet snack? Thanks!


  • tina9617
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    Sugar free jello
    Sugar free pudding packets made with water and then frozen
    Sugar free popsicle

    A spoon full of minced garlic or kimchi
  • bethstudt3519
    bethstudt3519 Posts: 1 Member
    Built bars - so yummy and loaded with protein!
  • laurosaurusrex
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    Not sure the calorie range you’re looking for, but I swear by Lil Buff Cakes. I’m not vegan, but their vegan line tastes better than the normal one IMO.

    They hit the spot and have decent amount of protein and fiber too! :)
  • JaysFan82
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    It requires self control (which admittedly I'm not the King of haha) but I have a bag of Werthers Original sugar free chewy Caramels in my desk at work. They are only 20 calories per caramel. I love them. If I have a craving I'll suck on a couple while I'm working on an email or on a call.
  • spendarvis13
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    Yasso bars have been my savior for late night cravings
  • DebbsSeattle
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    I have never been a sweets girl…until on this diet. I can go all day long to dinner being finished, feel full and satiated and then from nowhere…I get blasted with a sweet tooth craving, ravenous, going to die if I don’t give in. It usually strikes about 10 pm. The healthiest I have come up with is to do plain Greek yogurt, wheat germ, flax seeds, walnuts, pecans, almonds, vanilla extract, honey, cocoa nibs, blueberries, strawberries…only ingredients/toppings with only 1 ingredient on the label and never too much of anything. If I save calories and macros, I can fit it into my day without blowing it. I have also done smoothies…same ingredients but thinning with almond milk or the like and even adding kale for nutrient boost. I try to avoid all sugars or sugar substitutes, and only use the honey sparingly. Dark chocolate and natural one ingredient nut butter can also do it.
  • neanderthin
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    Try a piece of cheese.
  • Dreamroper
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    I have this exact problem as well. Sometimes sweet, seedless grapes will do the trick, but I struggle with these cravings too.
  • beabria
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    Dark chocolate is a classic. But, I'll often have plain yogurt with some fruit or low calories maple syrup (I like Lakanto's best). I've also recently been making some desserts from this "healthy" dessert website. Not all of the recipes are low calorie, but if you make these blondies with a low calorie sugar substitute, they're around 100 calories a piece. They really satisfied my sweet craving, were nice and gooey, and had a little bit of fiber and protein to boot! https://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/chocolate-chip-blondies-and-theyre-good-for-you/
  • SafariGalNYC
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    I second fruit and extra dark chocolate.

    For me, berries are my fav or a square of Theo’s 85% dark chocolate.
  • creamer69
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    Dark chocolate also has a good amount of iron. For my anemic baddies out there. ;)
  • Flexin74
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    Lite N Fit Greek yogurt with berries, Atkins Endulge sweets, Fiber one sweets, Fit Crunch protein bars, One protein bars. I also make my own desserts using coconut flour and Monkfruit sweetener. You can find many recipes online with those ingredients or similar. Also the sugar free brownie mixes by Pillsbury are pretty good.
  • foofoo967
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    I keep a bag of frozen, sliced strawberries in my freezer. I use about 3/4 cup, thaw slightly and then put Hershey's sugar free chocolate syrup on top. Yum! And less than 100 calories
  • tuttboy
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    Add sweet potatoes into your diet? Sweet potato pancakes are great.