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It would be great if the micronutrients were displayed along with the macronutrients. This would really help with managing deficiencies or excesses.
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  • bergerop
    bergerop Posts: 5 Member
    I totally agree!!

    I would like to see more micronutrients: vitamins, minerals, caffeine, EAA, probiotics, adaptogens… in the measured data.

    Apple health has the option to track a lot of them, but sadly they stay blanks in my phone since your app doesn’t. I know there are other apps that do, but I really like yours.

    I take a lot of supplements, and I would really like to get the real picture of what I ingest daily. Being able to measure what I get from them and from food.

    Thank you
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,865 Member
    The difficulty here is that MFP's database, unlike some other apps, is crowdsourced from other users. Most nutritional information that is entered by users is from nutritional labels and the FDA only requires a select few micro-nutrients to be provided on those if it's not on a label, it's not likely to get populated in the database. In other words, MFP could add all of those categories, but if people aren't entering that information then they will always show up as nothing even though something well may have those nutrients.

    If you really want to dive down that deep into the micro-nutrient weeds, something like Cronometer would be better, albeit their database is much smaller since it isn't crowdsourced.
  • bergerop
    bergerop Posts: 5 Member
    edited May 2023
    I understand.
    I’m more talking about real food: fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats,

    Not pre-made proceeded food.

    And supplements, on which the info is written on.
    I wouldn’t mind having to complete the info for the supplements I take, if the option was given. I would actually be really glad to do it!

    Magnesium (all types), antioxidants like tumeric, quercetine, bromelaine..
    omega 3, Electrolytes, vitamin D, melatonin, gaba, adaptogens, probiotics, vitamin Bs (all), lutein, biotin, etc. There’s already a great list in apple health.

    Electrolytes, all the stuff in preworkout, protein powder, intraworkouts, EAA, BCAA…

    And caffeine!
    I would really like to know my real amount of ingested caffeine daily. I’m trying to be careful of it, not to affect my sleep.

    I saw the app you talked about and I tried it. But it’s not as convenient to use. And we can’t try their full version without having to pay for a subscriptions.and I’ve already paid for MFP.