Hey Y’All!

My name is Maya. I’m a 39-year-old software developer living in Barcelona, Spain.
I have about ~10kg (22lb) I would like to lose, and around 10-12% body fat. My challenges are that I have PCOS (which is commonly associated with insulin resistance) and also I take antidepressants.
I’ve tried intermittent fasting and currently I’m trying to combine that with a low-carb lifestyle as well as calorie restriction.
Needless to say, it’s very challenging. 😏
I would love to connect with anyone who might be going through similar challenges so we can commiserate, inspire each other, and share tips and tricks for success.
Looking forward to joining the discussion! ☺️


  • 1ZenJen
    1ZenJen Posts: 8 Member
    Hi Maya, I'm Jen, I also suffer from PCOS & endometriosis it has not been an easy journey to say the least. I finally lost the weight, I'm now trying to maintain my weight and help keep my hormones in check.
    Add me if you want and we can help ea other.