While I'm not necessarily new to myfitnesspal I am new to this side of it. I've been using it on and off for years, but have never really incorporated it into my everyday life. Now that my goal is to lose 55 pounds, I'm using it consistently and am loving it. I'm intermitting fasting, working out 5 days a week, and am changing my lifestyle. I'm currently 215 pounds and want to hit 160. Wish me luck and definitely send any tips/advice you have! :)


  • Emw148
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    I’m not new to MFP either, but have made a few new changes as well. I’ve recently transitioned from keto to IF while still trying to limit most highly processed carbs during my eating window. I have settled into a 18:6 fasting:eating routine most days. I joined an early am boot camp 3 days a week a month ago, so far, so good!
    I also have a similar goal weight of 155 lbs
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    Hi everyone. I've been using this apps but I always failed to watch what I eat. I've been wanting to lose weight to reached 55kg (currently 75 kg). I did try dirty keto but it's difficult. I tried IF and lucky to do it 12:12 otherwise my aim is 16:8. I have hypothyroidism, and lot of pain in my foot that's why I cannot incoporate exercise to my physically inactive life. I'm trying to avoid sweets (oh i love softdrinks and donuts!) and so far my weight neither gain or lose a kilo. Help!!