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Just wondered if anyone else is on the Slimfast diet?

I could do with some support and encouragement.

Currently using Slender Plan Shakes from Superdrug as they're cheaper.

I'm 10 days in and 8lb down. With 49lb left to go.


  • foliographerdoha
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    Welcome keep motivated
  • ninerbuff
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    I would encourage you NOT to use shakes as meal replacements because they DON'T teach you how to eat correctly. Unless you're willing to be on shakes the rest of your life, as soon as you stop using them, you'll regain weight because old eating habits weren't addressed.
    Learn to eat in portion now so you can do it for life.

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  • Melaney1
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    My husband and I have been using slimfast shakes for years to replace breakfast for the most part. We are at least having something for breakfast on a regular basis. I do agree with the comment above about learning to eat right and control portion sizes.
    I personally have tried to do the slimfast diet in the past and had a difficult time keeping to it. I personally suck at diets and never stick to them. Good luck to you. Wanting to get healthy is a good start. Keep going.