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I started 7 weeks ago trying to lose weight and lost so far 13 pounds. I spend an hour fast walking on my treadmill and a half hour at the gym doing strength exercises. I need to lose 54 more pounds to get to my weight goal of 165 pounds. I figure it will take me a year to get to my goal. I am glad I work from home, because I only fit in one pair of jeans do to my weight gain. None of my suits fit me right now, sigh!
I also count my calories and document everything. I cut out sugar as much as I could. The hardest part was no more soda, or sugary drinks. I also do not drink alcohol. I only have one cheat day where I can eat what I want each week, but I do not go overboard with calories.
I work from home at a computer all day and rarely have time to get up and move around. I worked the same job for the past 4 years. My weight just creeped up on me and now I must make changes. It is nice to meet people who are accomplishing there goals.


  • sillylilly27
    sillylilly27 Posts: 3 Member
    It sounds like you have a good handle on your goals! That’s great! I wish you the best of luck in your journey. You can keep doing this!
  • oneipo
    oneipo Posts: 1 Member
    Sounds like you are consistent with your weight loss week over week. Keep it up! Patience is definitely a virtue with this. I do understand your position because I too work from home, about 95% of the time, but find myself rarely getting up or taking a break. I’m working on breaking that horrible habit and at least taking two 15 min breaks and walking, just to get up and move. Sounds like you are strong willed to keep your 1 hour walks a day. That is my goal to be consistent with that each day when I close my computer down.
    Keep up the great work and the tunnel vision focus on achieving your goal!
  • jeffreylkaiser142
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    You have a great plan. working form home can be tough on your fitness. Walking and the gym are going to do wonders. I too have more than 50 pounds to lose. Started working out about 8 weeks ago, had spinal fusion surgery last year. I am trying a combination of the gym and walking with my dogs int he woods. Plus swimming one morning a week. Wish me luck!!
  • sharonbostwick
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    Congratulations, that is awesome! I am a re starter. Want to lose 15 by September!
  • aquaemt
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    Wow I love that your so honest and detailed. Great job. Keep it up
  • jsmestflowers
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    WORD! Man I totally get the IT weight gain, use computer folks, well.. We can be pretty sedimentary.
    I work from home as well. I do this (cause I have my rowing machine in my office) every couple of hours I hop on that bad boy for about 5 minutes (I just set a timer), Yeah 5 minutes is nothing really, but its come outs to 20 minutes a day, this is in addition to my treadmill action in the afternoon) Just something to break up the sitting all day. I miss on occasion, in a call or whatever, but mostly I manage to sneak it in there :).
    Dude, you are killing it! Best wishes for your CONTINUED success!