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Hi everyone!

My name is Bekkah and I'm just rejoining MFP after not using it since college. Lots of things were going on and just didn't have the time or bandwidth to manage, but I've made my way back!

When I hit my all-time high of 201lbs at was when I first started MFP because I wasn't feeling well or good about myself. I made it down to 165 and then stopped tracking regularly/switched jobs and went through a lot of life changes and stressors. I'm now back up to 195 and want to change that!

My long-term goal weight is 145, but for the short term I'm really working to get back to that 165 weight. Would love to add people as friends for the relationships and accountability!

I love hiking and Taekwondo and have recently resumed both. Also need to get in the habit of going to the gym more often. My biggest motivation for change is that I want to own a working farm one day and I want to be strong and fit enough to manage that. Additionally, I love horseback riding and want to have better leg strength so I can get better at that.

Looking forward to hearing about your journeys as well!


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    Those are awesome goals! You already have experience and it’s just a matter of repeating what you already have learned, so I’m confident you can do it l!