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Chin Implant experience

mianholst Posts: 4 Member
Hi there! I'm considering getting a chin implant in Canada and would love to hear about your personal experience if you've had one. How did it affect your overall appearance? Was the procedure smooth, and were you satisfied with the results? Any recommendations or things to consider before going ahead with a chin implant?


  • paperpudding
    paperpudding Posts: 8,247 Member

    other than people with genetic facial malformations or injuries through accidents or perhaps bone loss through cancer, - surely people just have different chin shapes and don't need to implant anything.

    things to consider - why you are wanting to do this.

    recomendations - leave well enough alone (unless in one of above categories)
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 28,178 Member
    If you're here to lose (or gain) some material total amount of weight, I'd encourage you to wait until you're through at least most of that phase. Facial appearance can change very dramatically during the process.
  • SafariGalNYC
    SafariGalNYC Posts: 207 Member
    I’ve never had implant anything.. but I do know people who have gotten chin filler.. may be easier than an actual implant and can be dissolved if you don’t like it.
  • BrightEyedAgain
    BrightEyedAgain Posts: 198 Member
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    To follow up with what Ann said about waiting until you get closer to your goal weight, here's a great thread that shows how much faces change with weight loss alone:


    I would also add that your body/face can continue to change some even after you've been maintaining awhile. I looked haggard and gaunt at my goal weight initially, but then my skin sorted itself out, and now I look normal. That's not just my opinion. Other people notice it, too. Bodies are amazing.
  • Hiawassee88
    Hiawassee88 Posts: 32,871 Member
    I just listened to a Jennifer Grey video, about her plastic surgery. Risking a botched face is so not worth it. It's as plain as the nose on our face. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  • peggy_polenta
    peggy_polenta Posts: 280 Member
    this is a helpful site. you will need to register on this site to get the full benefits of the forums. it will help you find a doctor in your area and you can ask other to comment on their procedures and recommend doctors. you can also ask questions and doctors will answer.