Let’s Do This Girl!

erickajksn65 Posts: 1 Member
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Recently turned 30 and making it my goal to look and feel the healthiest I’ve ever been ☺️ Looking for a strong girl group and friends to motivate and help each other out 👯‍♀️💪✨

🍣 Pescatarian
🚲 Stationary Bike (favorite cardio)


  • j2dknxr99n
    j2dknxr99n Posts: 7 Member
    I need a strong friend group too!
  • Slurbol
    Slurbol Posts: 3 Member
    Just set up my stationary indoor bike this evening, LFG! <3
  • lucisimmons
    lucisimmons Posts: 1 Member
    Hey all, I am looking for a workout friend or grupo of friends to exercise , laugh and be healthy 💕
    Anybody out there willing to commit ?
  • Rdcwharton
    Rdcwharton Posts: 6 Member
    I just turned 30 too and am in the same boat. Determined to feel/look better in my 30s than my 20s! I'll add you :)
  • Marcieb21
    Marcieb21 Posts: 127 Member
    I'm also 30! Trying to lose about 30 lbs
  • JenniferChesnut3821
    35 and looking to lose 85 lbs. Currently trying out wall pilates.
  • kendrab1519
    kendrab1519 Posts: 1 Member
    Turning 30 in July, looking to lose about 60+ pounds. Also looking for friends that are on this journey too 🙂
  • cactusgyrl
    cactusgyrl Posts: 3 Member
    I'm 43 and looking to lose 200+ pounds. I'm looking for online friends to discuss the ups and downs of weight loss. My favorite exercise is the stationary bike too. A few years ago, when I lost a lot of weight using mfp, I biked every day. Plop me in front of a TV and I was pedaling for up to an hour at a time. Now I'm too overweight for my stationary bike, so hopefully I can get back to it.