Please be my friend 🙂

For the life of me I don't know how to add friends. I click on a profile but no add button?

Anyway, vegetarian doing this for the umpteenth time and want to make this one count!

3 weeks in. I've not weighed myself as I know this to be counter productive. I've even had my scales removed!

Just starting to read into the value of protein so I'm going to work on increasing that. I'm a bit of a food type (texture) avoider so trying to do this increase without making it an issue 🤣

Would love some friends for the journey!


  • Karliemyalgia
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    Hi hun!

    With the recently MFP community changes they botched the ability to send friend requests because it brings you to a persons 'community' profile and not their 'myfitnesspal' profile, and when you try to click on it - brings up an error! So the best way is by URL [ ]

    For example, to add me and get to my profile its:

    While I'm not a vegetarian, the importance of protein is definitely paramount when it comes to supporting a healthy lifestyle!! I myself struggle with that intake as well (aswell as fibre, booo)
    I tend to weigh myself... maybe once a month or so. Some people like 1x a week. Whatever works to your comfort level with the scale, it can discourage some because our weight does tend to fluctuate throughout the day to no fault of our habits.

    Here I'll send you a friend request :) I've been looking for supportive people not only support me but for me to support them on my newsfeed.
  • Helliberrie
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    Hi Karlie, thanks so much for explaining the glitch, let’s hope they resolve it in time :)
  • QueenOfCupz
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    I'm having the same issue! Thank you for the advice about the URL!
  • annettyb
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    Hi everyone
    Todays goals exercise 30minutes, water and documenting what I eat. So excited to join you on the adventure!