TDEE calculation and breastfeeding

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How to calculate my TDEE while i am partially breastfeeding? I am 28 old female, 79.2kg and my height is 155 cm. Can I create caloric deficit if i don't count breastfeeding calories while i consume my daily TDEE? I can't understand and I'm so confused...can you explain me please? Thanks :)


  • lynn_glenmont
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    Yes, if you used a TDEE calculator that didn't ask you about breastfeeding, you can just eat your TDEE and let the calories your body is expending on making milk create your deficit. A lot of mothers seem to do this.

    If you're using MFP, you'll need to manually set your calorie goal to your TDEE and don't log exercise (or change the calories burned to zero), so MFP doesn't double count those calories, which your TDEE calculator already accounted for.