Newbie Introduction! Getting a head-start on 2024 lifestyle changes!


I grew up as the oldest of a large, single-income family. Caring for others was emphasized before caring for myself. Until my 20s I now realize I was (slightly) malnourished and had no concept of how to keep my body fit and gain strength/muscle. Through my 20s, when I did care for myself, it was through skincare or focusing on my mental health. Even though mental health is important now in my 30s, I realize it's time to focus on my physical health.

I've suffered from binge eating and using food as an emotional crutch. In 5 years, I've gained almost 60 pounds. I've noticed the weight I put on, but I kept telling myself I was gaining weight to embrace my body. While I 100% believe in body positivity, my weight is negatively impacting my mental and physical health and well-being.

I currently weigh 169 pounds, and stand at 5 feet 4 inches tall; my goal is to weigh 135 pounds by the end of April 2024. I figure if I could lose 2 pounds per week, that would be ideal.

I'm very new to fitness and exercise. I did a lot of walking when I lived in a bigger city, but have tried Barre and Boxing Classes. I use YogaWithAdrienne on Youtube, as well as various Pilates classes I find online. I hope to use a mixture of exercises to keep me from getting bored.

Please don't connect if you just want to send creepy messages. I'm not looking for anything but a supportive workout/fitness community, and I will block and report anyone who is inappropriate, no second chances.