What are your favorite high protein vegan meals?

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What are some of your favorite vegan meals that are packed with protein?

Does anyone else struggle with getting a lot of protein in their diet?


  • AnnPT77
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    It would help to know what your definition of "packed with protein" is, or what your daily protein goal and calorie goal are.

    Here are some meal patterns I use that are fully plant-based and reasonably high protein IMO:

    * Black bean and sweet potato soft tacos in Ezekiel tortilla (microwaved or frozen sweet potato works, plus canned beans). Sweet corn is tasty in there, but does add some calories. Obviously, some kind of salsa or similar in there for extra flavor.

    * Ezekiel tortilla or pita with smoked or baked teriyaki tofu (packaged), thin-sliced sweet onion, mustard, vegan cheese, and sauerkraut. I microwave it lightly to melt the cheese, then add raw sauerkraut.

    * Edamame/mung fettucine or black bean spaghetti with cooked frozen green peas or shelled edamame, minced raw sweet onions, and a sauce made from peanut butter powder mixed either soy sauce or chili sauce/sriracha (use a brand without fish sauce) - may need to thin with water or a light-flavored vinegar to get mixable consistency. This actually works with any veggies, but I like that combo.

    * Red or green lentil pasta with plenty of sauteed mushrooms (can use frozen Asian mushrooms) or nutritional yeast + peas/beans, or tomato sauce with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast.

    * Lately, I'm liking a salad made with broiled/grilled romaine lettuce (halve or quarter the head, mist lightly with oil, then broil or grill watching carefully so it's just lightly charred), topped with other veggies of choice, whatever dressing you like, and dry-roasted soybeans on top for protein and crunch.

    I also make it a point to choose sides and snacks that have at least a bit of protein; those little bits through the day can really add up.

    I don't have actual detailed recipes, because I don't use them: I just cook, mostly.

    TBH, I don't have trouble getting enough protein, but I'm not vegan, just vegetarian; I've been vegetarian for 49+ years so experienced eating this way; and am in maintenance now weight-wise which means I have a few extra calories to work with. I target a minimum of 100g protein, usually exceed it.
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    i gave up being vegan and went back to being a vegetarian over this. when i was bodybuilding, finding complete, high quality proteins was challenging.

    that being said, there are a million ways to prepare edamame, tofu and tempeh and other soy products, and there are also soy-based protein powders and protein bars. soy is a completely protein, and unlike a lot of so-called "high protein" vegan options, there really is a lot of complete protein in soy. you can add them to stews and soups, throw a bunch of edamame or tempeh on top of a bed or cauliflower and add a tasty dressing or sauce, make a tofu scramble with something salty. you can grind soy beans to soy flour and make all sorts of things with it. or you can buy soy curls, which are dried, and add them to almost anything after rehydrating them.