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To be honest my main goal for coming back again and again to these challenges is a fear of going backwards. And this fear comes from the lose then gain it all back and more syndrome. That was my life before SP. I joined SP in 2008 and started the challenges within that first year. I went from 226 (my max) to 170. I maintained pretty good over those years, but when SP was coming to an end I wasn't sure what I would do. And then the team leaders at SP (Lynn @kaliswalker ~ Ceri @Ceriusly1 ~ Heidi @hicim705 ~ Barb @ladyluk1, and Diane @Dianedoessmiles1) invited us to join a new site they had found. Many did and here we are. I may not be as vocal as some, but I read your life's stories daily and pray for all of you. Your stories remind me how precious life is and how important it is to be as healthy as possible to enjoy life for all it is worth. These challenges help me do just that. God bless you all and have a very Merry Christmas.


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    @lindapost1 Thank You, Linda, your post says a lot about how many of our members feel about the 5% Challenge! I am up and down too but I know it would be all ups if not for the 5% members and how we all care about each other. Besides, the challenge is fun along with being motivational and educational.

    I'll add the link to our Winter Community. We are in our third year on MFP and we welcome everyone who would like to join us! Follow the link, click the join button, and read the posts for instructions on choosing a team. You can chat and get answers to your questions in our VIP Lounge, and participate in the other activities that are posted. We have a practice week starting on 12/30 so check us out soon!

    2024 5% Winter Challenge
    Merry Christmas, Ceri, (Ceriusly1)Overall Co-Leader, 5% Seasonal Challenge
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