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Hi there, I am new to protein powder and was wondering which protein powder is good for hormonal acnes and taste good with affordable price? I am planning to drink protein shake after every meal so I need something that taste good.

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    What is your goal or reason for protein powder/shakes?

    Are you trying to gain weight, for example? Or trying to build muscle? People could give you more tailored advice with a little more information.

    For the average person, protein powders/shakes are an optional addition as long as there's enough protein in the person's diet from food. (Nutrients from food are almost always more diversely beneficial than nutrients from supplements.) There's a lot of talk about protein powder as sort of a gym-bro trendy thing, and it's a useful supplement for people who struggle to get adequate protein from food, but it really is optional in other cases.

    If you're trying to lose weight, and need extra protein, we might suggest low-calorie protein sources. If you don't have dairy limitations, whey protein is one of the most bioavailable and neutral tasting (tastes like very light powdered milk, maybe). (You can mix with other tasty ingredients to make shakes.)

    OTOH, if you're trying to gain weight, there are specific mixes that are "mass gainers" (high calorie).

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    I don’t think any plain protein powder tastes “good.“ Some manufacturers add artificial sugar or Stevia, which to me makes things worse. I buy plain, unsweetened, unflavored, and add things to it. I turn it into a snack or a meal, though.

    I suggest you find someplace where you can get samples and experiment with what you like. You may love sucralose, who knows.
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    Sprouts here has several one serving "trial" size. I started with Spiru-tein. Now occasionally use isopure whey isolate with fruit and usually almond milk. I use Core Power instead of coffee creamer and instead of milk on my cereal.
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    I've used almost every protein out there over the years, and now only use plant sources. My primary is Sunwarrior brand. I also use Sprouts bulk bin pea protein, NOW pea protein and Vitamin Shoppe's Plnt protein.
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    I am trying to lose fat and gain muscle
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    RytaChan wrote: »
    I am trying to lose fat and gain muscle

    In that case, I'd recommend that you log your eating and see where your protein intake is falling with the food you're eating. If you're routinely short on protein, then adding a protein supplement can make sense.

    Personally, I wouldn't add a protein shake after every meal without seeing where things stand . . . if you eat meat, fish, dairy foods, you may be getting enough protein already. If that's true, adding a protein shake just adds calories to get more protein than you really need, which isn't the best route to your "lose fat" goal.

    Most people do find protein filling, but I think a lot of people find food they can chew more filling/satisfying than calories they drink. For many of us, figuring out how to stay full/sated on reduced calories is one of the challenges to weight loss: It's hard to stick with calorie goal if you're hungry/crave-y, and sticking with the right calorie goal is the main thing that will lead to weight loss.

    If you find that you need something extra to get enough protein, or to feel full . . . sure, try a protein shake.
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    I doubt you need a protein shake after every meal. About 0.7g per pound is plenty if you're obese, about 0.9g if you're lean. You can have more than that, but there's little evidence it'll do anything for you.

    As for taste, well I'm not picky. In years of trying various brands I've only had one I really disliked, some lesser known brand I tried when I saw a deal. I usually cycle between Optimum Nutrition Gold, Muscle Milk 100% Whey, or myprotein, or rarely Dymatize Iso 100, depending on whatever has a deal. I have alerts on slickdeals and I prefer to get them for $6-$8 per pound. For macros I want to see at least 70% calories from protein, so a serving might be about 130 calories for 25g, plus a little milk for the mix.

    I used to mix it with a hand blender in a large cup, with a banana and some frozen fruit, but these days I'm lazy. I use a shaker bottle (under $10 at Amazon), and shake it by hand, works great, quick and easy, and quick to rinse out after.
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    What is your height and weight? You most likely should be focusing on either Fatloss or muscle gain but not both simultaneously. Protein powder is more of a supplement that a necessity