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    Stats for the day-

    Walk to breakfast and back- 17.72min, .81mi= 72c
    Strava app= 100c
    Housecleaning etc- 3hrs 33min 47sec, dust, make/refill hummingbird food, laundry fold/put away, sweep/cleanout front entryway and front patio, trim back hedges, empty dishwasher, etc= 990c

    Total cal 1062
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    Reminder to those of you ladies who have something for the Weekly Check-in, please send it to me by noon tomorrow. Thanks!

    Lanette B)
    Sunny SW WA State
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    Today’s gratitude: hugging Bethany’s former musician in church today. Pastor’s memory-(and tear)-provoking sermon. Beautiful blue sky/sea day but blustery! 19-33 mph winds aren’t very lamb-like ;)
    April (gentle hugs held extra long)) Prayers for your son, your father and you.
    Tracey hope sleep continues to improve, can’t heal if you can’t sleep. ((hugs))
    Heather glad being able to change sides helped your sleep. ((hugs)) Thought provoking questions. I feel pretty connected to: you all while catching up with the thread; to the casserole-a-thon crew at our monthly bake; to the creator looking out through the forest to the sea; to the dogs when I find them guarding me in the office or on the bed; to my body when line dancing; to Joe when he tells me about a book he’s reading or something he’s observed. Will pull up my big girl panties and ask him… tomorrow at morning tea? Why am I afraid to ask?
    Evelyn your “think I would be in panic mode just worrying about having another panic attack” was right on point. And the bunny carrot cake looks delightful. One of the gals brought a carrot cake trifle to fellowship today and I could have eaten the whole thing…
    Machka your “feel most connected” questions are on the order of what I expect Joe’s response to be. Hope you feel better. Have you tried rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater until the crown replacement can happen? Well done on your March activity!
    Annie I’m pretty sure canned pie filling has already been cooked so is edible right out of the can, but if you want it thicker you could reduce it a sauce pan at gentle heat. Good you know what works best for you. Sorry to hear about Dad’s fall, would he use a pee bottle in the night? Would he respect a gate on the stairs? Bet the henna looks fab on you. Delighted for your Vegas plans.
    Lanette will follow with interest your windows 11/Microsoft account/Office saga, thanks for sharing!
    Lisa thanks for yours on connection and identity and frankly, I do not see you as a “patient” or victim of your conditions so you have done well to avoid accepting that designation. I see you as a champion, succeeding at getting what you need whether its treatment from the VA, a cleared/tidy yard, brick raised beds, whatever. Bravissima!
    Rita very thankful for your uninterrupted conversation with your son, and your pursuit of things that calm the attacks. Keep on keepini’ on!
    Beth bet your kolachis are delicious. What makes you think they failed?
    Ava sorry, but that neck stretcher looks like a torture device. Glad it helps you, I’d be afraid to try.
    Rebecca I’m with you about paper plates, but couldn’t rinse and leave dishes, Joe would come behind me, wash them, blot them off with a damp dish towel and put them away. . . where I couldn’t find them :laugh: I really don’t mind, I find handwashing dishes meditative.
    Kylia glad you are aware and taking care to minimize the sensory overload. Sound affects us on such deep levels.
    Debbie can you share what it was that did bring you and DH together all those years ago? I’m warming up some Fred Meyer boneless ham slices, baking a garnet yam, and throwing together some coleslaw. Will put Joe’s portions in the fridge for him to eat tomorrow, he really doesn’t eat after 1pm, hits the hay around 4pm, then gets up at midnight. It’s a miracle we connect at all!
    Rosemarie does the shortness of breath only happen after exercise, or can it hit at any time?
    Kim I want to reach out through the screen and give you a huge hug held extra long . . and not a side one either. (((HUGS))) Hug that golden doodle for me, ok? I love ‘em.
    Allie, Kyle’s steak had my mouth watering ;) Maybe that’s his redeeming quality. :devil:
    Rori ((hugs)) hope your tears have been healing. Not sure Mars is in love with his enhancements. . . :laugh:
    Ginny sometimes it’s hard to maintain those boundaries. Brava. Hope the tiff passes soon.
    Through pg 75, wanted to make the last two pages, but Tumble just announced its ten past tummy time.
    Later, lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    javaplace wrote: »
    @Snowflake1968 I have use in the past and it has helped with the tension\ stress in my neck.


    Interesting ... I'm tempted to see if I can get something like that over here.

    One additional thing I do to stretch out my neck and shoulders in the morning is to stand in front of the bathroom mirror and try to stand as tall as I can, stretch my neck as long as I can upward, and drop my shoulders.

    I try to do that periodically at work too because I find that my natural stance is somewhat scrunched with my shoulders up a bit.

    Machka in Oz

    @Machka9 I tend to hold my shoulders up, towards my ears. I try to stay mindful. Roll them back and down. This is worth a shot, reasonably priced.
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    Happy Easter
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    🤗🤗🤗 and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for those who need them..

    🙋‍♀️ Miele failte to the newbies.

    ☘️ Terri
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    Nighty nighty ladies ,here is hoping I get some sleep tonight,Alfie tucked under the covers dingle berry kitty next to me on the pillow for the time being.
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    Ginny: My sympathy on the loss of your long time friend.

    PIPCD: I am sorry for the 3 big losses in your life and the complex family dynamics!

    Rori: Yes, grief comes and goes! I am very grateful for what I have. Love the picture of Mars!

    Kylia: Hope you got to the car show!

    Carol: Enjoyed seeing pictures of the grands!

    Lanette: We had turkey vultures hanging around about 15 years ago. I never could figure out why they were hanging out on my son's fort.

    Carol: Enjoyed seeing a picture of your grands!

    Kim: You never know when the local friendship situation might change. It could change in a day.

    Allie: That looks like a nice meal Kyle cooked. Maybe he would be interested in helping out more by doing more cooking!

    Annie: I hope your Dad is healing okay from his fall.

    Machka: I hope you like your hair when it grows out!

    I did go to the doctor for my shortness of breath and then it really got worse and I went to the ER. I am told the x-ray is okay and my blood work is okay. I don't feel anxious so maybe it is the extra weight I am carrying. I have the Nutrisystem food in the house and an appointment set up with a coach. I like the Nutrisystem food so hopefully this and exercise will solve the problem.

    Thank you everyone who is/was concerned about my shortness of breath.

    Rosemarie from Georgia
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    Evening ladies
    Had a good day.. up to season 7 in Catch the Midwife
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    barbiecat wrote: »

    @Rosemarie2972, Rosemarie, and Allie, don't forget to come join us in April! <3