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Capturing nutrition info from a photo

I'd love to be able to just be able to take a photo of a nutrition label and have MFP automatically add the information when creating a new food rather than having to type everything in manually. It would function similarly to a reverse image search or text recognition in a PDF. MFP could automatically map the data to the appropriate fields after recognizing the text (i.e. calories data in the image gets imported to the calories field in MFP when adding a food). This would be especially helpful for those of us who utilize meal kits that don't always have the nutrition info entered. It would just save a lot of time and I'd be more inspired to log food if it was easier and a little faster this way. Plus, not every meal has a barcode associated with it, especially if you buy precooked meals from the grocery store or another company like Factor, Tempo, etc.
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  • Jean
    Jean Posts: 762 MFP Staff
    We do have features already that you may be interested in! Both are Premium features, but one would be the barcode scanner, and the other would be Meal Scan.
  • katanfield
    katanfield Posts: 8 Member
    Not a HELPFUL response from MFP Staff. By now, Premium users should be able to scan standard FDA nutrition facts labels to create a food that doesn’t exist in the MFP database. To not allow it, discourages members from taking the time to add full, accurate documentation of foods to the database, and allows for typographic errors when entering which both affect the integrity of the MFP database and its future usefulness.