Good afternoon everyone. I met with a functional nutritionist yesterday. She suggested several vitamins and supplements to help with chronic pain and inflammation. They included vitamin D with K, vitamin B, and magnesium. Has anyone had any experience with these supplements?


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    Yeah, what AnnP said. Also, there's not one vitamin B, there are many. And one of them, vitamin B6 is neurotoxic. It's often offered in very high amounts. If you're in the EU you'll unlikely get amounts that can be dangerous, but in other countries, including the US? Don't just drop vitamins like candy. Get tested properly first to see whether you have any deficiencies.
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    I take a single magnesium tablet once a week. It seems to help me avoid leg cramps.

    I also have had my B12 tested once to check if either lack or excess was causing my balance symptoms. Or maybe the neurologist was checking to see if I was a covert alcoholic lying about the fact that I don’t drink. I’m not sure. She was a (redacted) doctor and I won’t ever have the chance to ask why she ordered that particular test. I’m off topic.

    Point being, you really need to be careful about supplements. A registered dietitian is usually most knowledgeable about supplements and diet.
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    About a year ago my blood levels showed that I was deficient in Vitamin D. I don't get a lot of Calcium in my diet regularly because I am Lactose intolerant and kinda hate the veggies that are higher calcium. My MD recommended the following:

    Vitamin D 4,000 IU daily
    Folic acid: 300 mg daily
    And B12 sublingual 1000mg daily

    I also take:
    500mg Calcium and Tumeric daily.

    I would say these have definitely helped me. My blood levels this year found my vitamin D within the normal range. My energy has improved and the tumeric helps with the inflammation.

    That being said, I agree with AnnPT77. If you don't have blood work or a related health condition (I have Fibromyalgia and GI problems) that shows you need particular supplements you should first start there and determine what your needs are.