A recommendation for bingo wings

I’ve lost a lot. Gained some back. But am losing again.

Many of us who have lost a lot of weight have sagging skin. I’m open to suggestions for exercise to reduce the upper arm sag. But in the meantime I want to share something I have found that helps minimize the saggy look, and protects from sunburn too.

Do a search on Amazon for any or all of these keywords.
“Cooling shawl” “anti uv gold cooling shawl” or similar.

You should see a variety of options like these: hs9szxxagfcf.jpeg

They’re inexpensive, and versatile.
They are available in a variety of colors. One size fits all, but realistically they might be too tight for someone who has more than 200 pounds to lose.

I like them for adding a layer of warmth in the winter too.