Roast Pork Nutritional Info

Hi MFP peeps,

Been using the app for a couple of months now and only just posting to intro myself. Joe, male, 41, UK. Happy Sunday!

I’m feeling more confident when logging food but I generally have questions that relate to nutritional info on foods pre & post cooking.

Like today, I’m cooking a Shoulder of Pork by roasting it. I plan to using 1kcal spray just a little.

However, the nutritional values given on the pack…are they an average on the whole weight/100g (or any portion size mention on pack)? Because if so, does that mean they include the large amount of fat that I will remove from the meat leaving it in a leaner form?

I hope you all have a great day!

Best, Joe.


  • neanderthin
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    No the fat is included. Also individual pork shoulder roasts will have quite the range in fat percentage so your just going to have to accept your numbers will be out from the get go regardless of the source of that available data.
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    Go back and read the label - it should state clearly whether it is for cooked or raw product.
    It should have a "per 100g" list and may have a "per xxxg serving" list.

    Labelling rules in other countries may differ but here in the UK there is always a per100g listing.

    Many UK supermarkets are labelling their products "as cooked per instructions" which to me, is annoying and pretty useless as I often don't cook as instructed, and cooked meat can easily be moister or dryer that they assume. I don't have any suggestions in that case except to search for a "raw, 100g" entry in the MFP database.

    And, as @neanderthin mentioned, the amount of fat in raw meat - especially pork and lamb - can vary hugely so it will only be your best estimate.
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    Food Data Central. Personally I would use SR Legacy, Foundation Foods, Experimental Foods and Survey Foods (FNDDS), probably in that order of "confidence".

    A lot depends on how much fat you remove and how "well done" you cook. That said... somewhere between the separable "lean and fat" and separable "lean only" will probably be your own consumption.

    If the entry is in SR legacy you can usually use the exact same search terms on MFP given that MFP imported that database way back when.

    The below results come up when searching the FoodData Central site for "pork shoulder roast (require all words)" and then selecting the 9 results from SR Legacy.