How many calories should I be eating

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I’m 29 and weigh 211. I’m curious to get other opinions, MyFitnessPal app says I should be eating 1450 calories a day. Do you think that’s low or should I be eating a little bit more? I tried to Google more about calorie counting, it gets confusing


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    I'm thinking the individual experiences here wouldn't be as solid a basis as a research-based statistical estimate like MFP's. (I'd lose a bit over a pound a week at 1450 gross intake, at 5'5", 132 pounds this morning (formerly obese, for the record), age 68, female . . . but I'm mysteriously a good li'l old calorie burner, for some reason.)

    Keep in mind that if you followed MFP's instructions and set your activity level based on your life excluding intentional exercise, it expects you to log exercise when you do some, and eat those calories, too.

    Also, what loss rate did you tell MFP you wanted? If it was 2 pounds a week, change it to 1 pound a week, and it should give you 500 more daily calories. (1.5 pounds, 250 more, etc.)

    If that's easier, do it. Easier is good. You can even start slow, figure out a good, filling eating routine, then pick up the rate a bit. (For my tastes, 2 pounds a week would only be sustainable until around 200 pounds, though . . . and it might be aggressive even until then. )

    No matter what you decide, stick with it for at least 4-6 weeks, or 1-2 whole menstrual cycles if you have them, then adjust calorie goal based on your personal actual results. The initial estimate is just a starting point, not the One True Answer. No need to obsess over perfection there.

    Best wishes!
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    Thank you @AnnPT77 !!