Kitchen Scale

Is there a kitchen scale to track nutrients/macros that sync with Myfitness pal that anyone can recommend?


  • mtaratoot
    mtaratoot Posts: 13,504 Member
    The scale is just a tool to measure mass. The scale has no way to know what it is that you just put on it. It could be uncooked lentils or it could be olive oil. It could be a banana or it could be brie cheese.

    The scale is a very useful tool, but you need to use that data combined with some kind of database that can tell you nutrients per unit mass of the food you're weighing. Fortunately MFP has just such a database.

    It can take some time to get the right entry from the database the first time, but after that it will show up in your frequent foods or recent foods or you can save to "My Foods" if you eat it from time to time but not so often.

    If you're interested in all the macronutrients (and even more so for micronutrients), be extra careful with which entry you pick the first time.