Any tips for sleeping?

I stay up like every night until 4am and than sleep in till 2pm. But at least 2 nights a week I pull all nighters and end up being awake for 36-40+ hours.

It's so bad for me, and it's not good for my body or health. I lose more weight when my sleep is healthier, and I just feel better about myself. But it's so hard for me with this summer slump. I'm a student and so I'm on summer vacation. I work an afternoon-evening job and I'm going to start more daytime work within the next couple weeks but I'm legit anxious because I don't know if I'll even be able to wake up in time.

Whenever I try to fall asleep, I physically can't. I'll literally lay there for hours with no distractions and no riff raff and I never end up falling asleep. Eventually I just get bored of laying there and so I'll scroll on social media or I'll journal or watch a movie. But if I don't do that, I've tried it before, I'll just seriously lay there with my eyes closed all night. Not exaggerating.

Any tips for resetting my circadian rhythms and finding a healthy sleep schedule? I'd love to be an early riser, wake up between 6-8am. I want to be productive. I want to cook and bake and study and enjoy my hobbies/friends. I haven't hung out with any of my friends this summer because I always sleep too late. How can I fix this? <3

I struggle with my mental health and I know that my sleep and mental health are like 100% correlated. So I need tips pertaining to that. Thanks <3


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    There exist protocols for resetting circadian rhythm. In more difficult cases, a sleep-specialist doctor may be required.

    There's a little overview here (from US NIH, a mainstream source) of some of the interventions:

    Possibly you've already tried some of them. For sure, any intervention of this type is likely to require patient persistence, for many days, maybe many weeks. I know how hard that is.

    (I have sleep issues myself, different from yours, though; and I have difficulty exercising the discipline to do some things that I know are likely to help . . . or at least I have difficulty doing them consistently enough for possibly weeks with no improvement/reward as would be needed to get results. But I'm not going to rationalize and claim persistence isn't necessary, just because I have trouble exercising it myself. That would be wrong of me.)

    I hope you're able to find a solution. Don't be afraid to get medical help if you can't seem to tackle it yourself. If doctors want you do do something (like specific meds) that you don't want to do, you can still refuse.
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    I suffer from this, it got a bit better more recently by using silicone earplugs and a bluetooth sleep mask playing a waterfall brown music track for 8 hours.

    But I still find it hard to get to that point, my mind races and I get a kind of FOMO feeling where I'm avoiding the next day, so I watch TV or doom scroll.

    The next day, I'm tired and washed out, promise myself to do better the next night but go back through the same routine.

    There are a few sleep hygiene habits worth developing, I need to be much better at them but they do work.

    Try and stay away from your phone an hour before bed, it'll draw your attention and the light will mess with your rhythms.

    Don't eat in the run up to sleeping and avoid sugary drinks, try a chamomile or valerian tea.

    I avoid sleep tablets, they make me feel fuzzy headed the next day.

    Try journaling, empty your head onto the page, even the stuff you are trying to avoid. You don't need answers, just write them down along with whatever else is in your head. Finish off by thinking about wins from the day, stuff you enjoyed or that went well, however minor, end and go to sleep on those positives.

    Make your sleep space a temple, make it comfortable and clean, somewhere you look forward to going at the end of the day to rest and recover.

    There are plenty of others but these are easy to start trying to incorporate, maybe try one for a few nights and try developing a good habit.
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    Thanks guys! just now saw these <3
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    To reset your sleep schedule, try gradually shifting your bedtime earlier by 15-30 minutes each night. Avoid screens an hour before bed, create a relaxing bedtime routine and maintain a consistent wake-up time.
    Natural light exposure in the morning can help regulate your circadian rhythm. Limit naps, caffeine and heavy meals close to bedtime. Consider using white noise or meditation apps to calm your mind.
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    Long time sleep issues here. Disciplined Sleep hygiene habits and a routine have helped.

    Agree with many ideas stated above.

    A few things that have helped me: No phone or blue screen an hour before bed. Keeping a cool and dark room. Eating earlier in day. Stretching and meditating before bed and I take melatonin 3mg and magnesium as a routine.

    In the morning - I keep curtains open a bit for natural sunlight and also have LIFX bulbs to simulate sunrise to help me wake. It’s an ongoing process.
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    Thanks all! Really appreciate it! I'm starting to head to bed earlier, and before bed instead of doom scrolling I've been journaling or drawing which is really relaxing. I'm starting to fall asleep between 12-2am which is later than I want but at least I'm falling asleep now! I play white noise and keep a fan going since it's been hot lately and i can't fall asleep well in the heat. I was in a nasty habit of consuming horrific news right before bed and now I'm not doing that. Starting to get 7+ hours of sleep! All of your tips were really helpful!