I just wish I had it back!!! (Ladies only!)



  • I had it a good 10 or 11 years ago and it messed me up BAD!! I had my period for a year straight. I lost about 30lb and was passing out all over town. I was always cold and soaked in sweat ones I actually had giant wet pit stains coming through my WINTER jacket! and because its a shot there was absolutely nothing my doc could do. I just had to take iron and wait it out. Spent a FORTUNE on pads ... I seriously believe now that feminine products should be covered under OHIP. ANYWHOOO after my experiance I always recommend against it .. one never knows how your body will react to it as EVERYONE is different. Id say go for a less permanent way of birth control. Good luck hun and dont let stupid people bring you down on here. Mr know it all is a joke.
  • Its a birth control shot that EVERYONE reacts differently to. How on earth is googling it going to tell her how SHE will react to it?
  • You're a bully thats all you are .. she simply came on here asking if anyone had a similar situation .. since you DONT have a VAGINA I would say you know absolutley nothing about it. So take your INGNORANT and useless googled information and save it for the next MAN who decides he wants to be an expert on birth control
  • if everyone reacts differently how is asking a bunch of strangers going to help either?
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    Yes this is a TOM topic, but I am helpless here!!! Scheduling an appointment next week to try and solve this, BUT my issue is I got 1 DEPO shot (birth control) on Valentine's Day (appropriate right? ha), and didn't get the second one in May decided I didn't like what it was doing to my body, and it's been 4 MONTHS, and my TOM has not come back!!!

    I've been maintaining my weight, but I lost 5 pounds and just gained it right back, and it seems I can't get rid of it, or it is just up and down in that 5lb area!!! Anyone have any experience with this what the AFTER EFFECTS of your birth control has effected your body/weight? I am not trying to make any excuses here, and have been genuinely working out, switching it up, eating better....so frustrated!!! No signs of pregnancy either, I took 3 damn tests, and I'm not finding much info about it online!!!
    It can take a while for your body to get back to normal with the hormonal stuff.
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    I loved Depo prior to having my son -- tried it after pregnancy and had a terrible effect from it. Went off it, and my TOM did not return even with the assistance of BCP to help try and regulate for almost 6 months. Even then they were sporadic and anywhere from 3-8 days. Keep the faith -- your body will straighten itself out.
  • I had a serious health scare from that I had a blood clot and it was very frightening. I didn't get my period back for almost 2 years. I can't say if I gained weight I was very out of shape to begin with back then. I don't take any birth control now and I am much better for it I think.

    Glad you got that situated!!! I've been on it 2 other times, once for 2 yrs, and the other time like this one just got the one shot, and after the 2 years I had to be given medicine to get it back, but the second time it came back right away....so I don't know my body isn't following any kind of pattern....I'll be relived when I can finally get the docs

    If you knew you once had to be put on meds to get your period back after being on this shot then this topic is completely useless and you're here seeking attention. congrats, you succeeded.
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    I started DEPO 6 weeks after having my one and only child. I haven't had TOM in over 15 years - it has been heaven. I am told that it can cause weight gain - maybe it did but it does not seem to be keeping me from losing it!
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    How sweet of you, point is I don't want your opinion, and "hence" why I added "Ladies only". I have tried looking it up before, but nothing seemed similar or close to my situation and didn't find much.
    But what if a male medical professional with relevant information replied would you respond so harshly based on gender? and the guy you were directing your snark at had some pretty good info for you and his suggestions I thought were grounded in logic.

    PS when you put (Ladies only!) in the title of a thread it no doubt gets the interest of males for we are but humble creatures just trying to get low down on you mysterious yet beautiful creatures.
  • This is a public forum. If you wish to only have women respond, I suggest a forum that deals with reproductive health. Also, you said in your OP that you are not finding much info online. I Googled "depo shot issues" and found tons of information from that single search. Also"depo shot side effects", "depo shot weight gain", and "depo shot weird reactions" came up with several hundred thousand results.

    Sometimes google can give so many varied answers its easy and puts your mind at rest to listen to other girls real life experiences

    Its what us girls do, we support each other,

    Your response was provactive and not helpful to the OP,

    Not saying your wrong, just saying not the right place
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    Both weight gain and period loss are effects of that specific form of birth control... your doctor should have explicitly told you that. Those are the main reasons my doctor advised against the DEPO shot.
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    oh, and also bone loss after continuous use. Not my choice!
  • I had the DEPO once but it didnt agree with me, I was so hormonal I had to move home with my parents, my TOM stopped completey but came back within a few months of coming off / missing the top up

    My TOM have always been funky tho! I have had one in the last 4 years lol
  • She was asking if anyone had a similar experience.
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    if everyone reacts differently how is asking a bunch of strangers going to help either?

    QFT :drinker:

    Best possible place to ask questions is the Doctor's office...presumably the doctor will have access to medical history?

    Restricting people's opinions is simply ridiculous! It's an open forum (has been said so by many posters), and if you don't like the opinion or disagree .... that is why it's an opinion - no need to get offended and get "sensitive" about it.
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    She was asking if anyone had a similar experience.

    Which can be documented and learned about by any gender. I would bet a male OBGYN would be familiar with many uterus owners experiences and would be perfectly capable of giving her useful information. Or a guy with Google.

    I have a uterus, so I have permission to say this.
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    IN. To learn more about TOM because without MFP I would know nothing about reproductive organs and how they work.

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    Wow, I tried depo a few years back, but quit after six months since I spotted the entire time. My period didn't stop at all. Hopefully your doctor will have some answers for you.

    The same thing happened to me, ****ing miserable.
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    why did i click on this link.....
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    Hooray for people who actually research medical procedures before actually getting them done!!

    For the rest...should have Googled it.

    You're a d**k, when you get a vagina then your opinion matters. Have a seat.

    Do you disagree with my opinion?

    Also, personal attacks are against the Community Guidelines. If you wish to vent, please keep it to Private Messages.

    She may be venting but she is 100% right! No vagina no comment

    Do you have any idea how many male OBGYNs there are? :huh:

    Begone with thine logic, and hastily, knave!