I've lost 31lbs and I am looking for serious friends

Hi yall!

I'm looking for friends who are any age or fitness level but plan/are taking this serious!! I have been using MFP for a long time and I go through cycles of friends but it seems that my feed is full of people who aren't logging or only logging. Looking to build a support system that will interact and discuss with one another!!! :happy:


  • Maddius
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    Hiya Hollie,

    Trev here, I try not to be 'serious', life's too much fun.

    On the flip side, losing weight, getting fit, changing and maintaining a new lifestyle? OK, now you have my attention and seriousity.
    You've already enjoyed some Huge success, so Huge Congrats on that one. As for me I'm Dedicated (note the capital D) to the task as are a Huge proportion of my MFP buds, feel free to add me if you like.
  • Hello!

    I've got 39lbs to go and the reason I have joined is to get support and to share my success.....my failings...my cravings etc. So I eel like I'm a part of something! I'd love to add you as I want to build up a supportive network like you are :) xx
    TINAHUNTER1969 Posts: 219 Member
    Amazing loss so far, well done.

    I'm not into fad diets, I have been losing weight on my own for quite a while but needed motivation so joined here in May this year.

    I love MFP more than FB!!!!!

    I can be encouraging or nag - whichever you need so feel free to add me.

    This is a lifestyle change and it may take me a while but I will get there.

    Tina x
  • Feel free to add me - I'm looking for committed users who eat enough for their lifestyle AND support back.

    Just write something in the request.
  • lajpeck
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    I have been using mfp for about a year now and have lost 132lbs. I have not posted before but am now looking for some people to connect with also to keep the momentum going. I still want to loose another 65lbs and have never been able to do this before. I am definitely looking to connect with people who are committed to the lifestyle. Feel free to add me as a friend.
  • pilot371
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    Feel free to add me.
    Started this begining of September but am logging daily and always looking for new freinds.
  • jollyjoe321
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    Hi there! Nice work with your loss so far! ;)
  • sinoodle
    sinoodle Posts: 8 Member
    I have a long way to go, and I'm good about logging everything, add me if you like. I'm not much for the social drama side of things, just here to lose the weight.
  • candykay0605
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    I've been on for a year was hard core before a wreck I had threw me off course I'm back now and commuted!
  • loserlee123
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    Feel free to add me. I've lost 33. I slacked a bit over the summer but kept up the walking and kept logging in so I coasted but back to losing again!
  • Italiano7
    Italiano7 Posts: 382 Member
    feel free to add me!
  • KisaraKaiba
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    I always welcome friend requests from active people. :) Feel free to drop a line.
  • g33kmommy
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    Hey there. :)

    Feel free to add me! I've logged in every day since I started and I'm almost to 140 straight days. :) I'm on all the time and try to be as positive and supportive as possible.

    Good job!
  • Just went on a deleting spree of people on my list who haven't logged in over a month, so I too need friends. I'm committed to working slow and steady, keeping an open diary, logging the bad days, eating exercise calories back, and not being serious about everything (I like to have fun). Feel free to add if this sounds familiar :smile:
  • GymPoet
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    Would love to join you, lots to say! Getting more active all the time.
  • khadijak17
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    hey im from the uk and have lost 59lbs so far im on here everyday logging my food and exercise, feel free to add x
  • donrdon
    donrdon Posts: 216 Member
    I can see that you are definitely committed to leading a healthier lifestyle with great success so far. I usually log in every day to check to see what everyones been up to and to throw out some encouragement when needed. As far as an activity goes , I run (try to throw in some cycling and strength training when possible). Feel free to add me if you'd like.
  • amlygo
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    Feel free to add me!
  • I would really like to have some friends on here, I log in every day, and could support and encourage :)
  • stevesilk
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    I'm here every day. Respond to all my friends and looking for friends who are active and like to communicate...about whatever. Look at my profile and friend me if you want. Either way, best wishes.