Have you ever saved a life!!

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and go.....


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    once my little cousin was choking on a grape so i did the stuff they taught at CPR when i got certified and he coughed it right up, not sure it saved his life but he felt better after. im sure he would have been fine
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    Just a poodle the was stuck in traffic ...his name was Giuseppe. I spent
    a lot of time getting him but once I did I got him back to his owners.
    He loved the711 hotdog I bought him. I felt pretty great about that .
    His owners turned out to be elderly and their reunion was touching.
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    I did. I'll spare the gory details though. Short story: When I filed for divorce, my ex tried to commit suicide. Call it "intuition", but I got a weird feeling that I should check on him. Went to his house and found him laying on the floor completely incoherant. He had OD'd on alcohol and all sorts of pills that he found. I called 911. He was in a coma for about a month, and a rehab (PT) facility for about 3 months. He's continued to be a pain in my butt ever since, but I guess it was the right thing to do.
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    Quite a few, I get paid to but it's still a nice feeling
  • When my son first started eating normal food I gave him a black olive slice. I look over and he started to turn blue. My wife started freaking out and I pulled him from the baby seat and turned him upside down and popped him on the back. It flew out on the floor and he went back to eating like it never happened.

    I came across a wreck where a girl in a Honda hit a dump truck head on both going at least 40 mph. Her car started on fire and a guy and I pulled her out of the twisted metal. She was in pretty bad shape. Her puppy was in the car dead on the passenger floor. There were lots of people around watching but no one helped out but the guy and I.

    I was making a delivery once in downtown Atlanta and heard what sounded like an explosion. So I ran out of the dock and looked up the street to see a bunch of people standing around. I figured it was a wreck so I jogged up to the intersection. As I was jogging I heard a vroom vroom vroom. It was a car at full throttle cutting on and off(cars do this to try to save the engine). I see a car with the front all smashed up and it it facing the wrong way. I look in the car and see a lady convulsing bad slumped over smacking her head on the steering wheel. Her window was rolled up so I couldn't just reach in and turn off the car and push her head back so I had to open the door. As I open the door the seat belt retracts and it makes her come towards me. I grabbed her keeping her from falling out and turned off the car. As I am standing there trying to figure out what to do next a lady comes up and says she is a nurse and if I could pull her out. I do so and she sits down and puts the lady in her lap. I am not sure what happened to her. After all that I ran up the street to the car she rear ended. She hit the car so hard it pushed the whole rear end on the back tires causing them to be locked in place. The car slid about 50-75 yards. The guy inside was fine other than saying his neck hurt. I stayed whit him till the medics got there.

    That is about it.
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    Yeah, comes with the territory when you used to work in the ER.
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    Talked a few friends out of suicide when I was younger but I've been pretty fortunate not to have witnessed much mortal peril in my life so far.
  • Does saving myself count? :heart:
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    Yes....... and Unfortunately was unable to save one......
    The one I saved: heat attack victim. Performed CPR until paramedics arrived. I did the same thing anyone else would have done.
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    Saved a child drowning in the ocean @ cape hatteras couple years back...run down the beach, dive in, swim out, the whole nine...she would not have resurfaced after that last time under. ...
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    yep i actually saved a life.. but that person didn't appreciate it at all nor did he change anything in order to show he appreciated it as he could have. he could have died.. i had his life in my hands,, if i had not signed for him to get those surgeries, his family would be cryin now, because their family member would be in the ground now.. oh well... :(
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    Dog/cat lives
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    I used to volunteer as a Samaritan. Not sure of the follow up impact of 99.9% of the calls, but would like to think it made a difference in times of crisis :blushing:
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    Sort of. It was a group effort.Someone flipped an ATV over on himself. All I did was help set up a helicopter landing "pad" and give the pilot our coordinates, then keep the road clear. Life Flight and the botanist who happened to be an EMT deserve the credit.
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    Yup...its part of my job. Terrible when you try and you just can't save them though. Or when you save them but wish you hadn't....
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    I was a suicide hotline volunteer for two years; I would truly like to think so.
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    In different ways, yes....

    Performing the heimlich on many a children through out my years of baby sitting.

    Giving blood.

    Now, as a police dispatcher....dealing with calls on the daily ranging from domestics to attempted suicides.
    Not to mention having the backs of "my boys" in blue.
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    Yes, many times, all part of the job
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    Well I've rescued 15 cats before and about 12 of them got homes, =) So I guess that counts right?
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    Yes. Quite a few.