Have you ever saved a life!!



  • spectralmoon
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    Animals, as often as I can.
  • mister_universe
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    Yep. A few times. Saved a kid from drowning once. Nothing in a long time though. Thankfully.
  • metaphoria
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    My husband and I have been first on the scene at traffic accidents and a waterfront situation. Only one injured person out of the four situations survived. I think most people dont realize that CPR is a last ditch effort and only has something like a 5% survival rate.
  • BonnieandClyde29
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    A few people at work, someone drowned, someone got heat exhaustion and fainted, found a gas leak and got it taken care of, someone had a seizure, and my husband has digestive problems so I have to do the Heimlich on him a lot and a couple times it got scary!!! Thankfully because of my job working at a timeshare resort/ water park I'm CPR/AED Certified, and Basic Water Rescue Cert. lol not fun when those things happen!!! lol
  • airfern
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    I tried once - performed CPR on a motorcyclist after seeing his bike go airborne and fly across the highway - but it did not work. H was too badly hurt.
  • susieoj
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    Yes :) part of the jobs I used to do, many as a lifeguard, some pretty scary when they involved seizures in the pool or very small children falling into the water or back boarding people who hit the platforms when diving during competitions, a couple also when doing first aid in a fitness facility, CPR and aed for heart attacks and a lot of seizures and epic bleeding due to varying degrees of stupidity on the part of college students.
  • anaconda469
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    Rescued a woman and child, plus and elderly man that were trapped under a collapsed apt building during the San Francisco Bay Area earthquake Oct 17, 1989, that 7.1 magnitude quake that interrupted the World Series. The trapped people were 15 feet underground and I was lowered by my ankles by a rope and they pulled me, with them attached to me out from under the large apt house.
  • VBnotbitter
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    My husband and I have been first on the scene at traffic accidents and a waterfront situation. Only one injured person out of the four situations survived. I think most people dont realize that CPR is a last ditch effort and only has something like a 5% survival rate.

    Dependent on the cause of arrest its higher than 5%, though in trauma as you experienced survival is poor. Sudden cardiac arrest with good bystander CPR and early access defib can have a good chance of survival - estimated 75%

    The lesson - everyone should learn CPR
  • Ophidion
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    I saved a woman and a dog from a burning house, it was the anarchists society squat in Melbourne Australia and I was squatting in the house next door and woke to the sound of what I thought was fireworks but it was actually the sound of the house burning down next door. I kicked in the door and ran through the flames and carried a woman out and than ran back in and got her dog just before the roof collapsed.

    Another time I saved a gay man from a gay bashing which resulted in me be hospitalized with broken ribs,nose, fractured eye-socket and internal bleeding...but the guy lived and so did I. There were a few guys.
  • clarkeje1
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    Yeah. Not like the person was dying right at that second but I am responsible for kids lives at the hospital. I work on an inpatient psych unit and some kids are suicidal and we have to watch them 24/7 and make sure they don't hurt themselves. Also sometimes we have to be within arm's length at all times.
  • jennifer_417
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    Yep. I pulled a drunk guy off of train tracks as the train was about to hit him.
  • AlteredSkates
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    Everyday! I'm a vegan :)
  • mooie70
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    When my son was 10, I took him to Brisbane to see the cricket. We stayed in a hotel overnight and went for a swim in the pool. Well he was swimming. I was laying back on the sun lounger reading a book. There was a Japanese lady there with her little toddler. He was at the edge of the pool watching my son and splashing in the water. She was sitting at a table and chairs reading a newspaper. The baby fell in. I was fully dressed and dove in after him. It was the deep end of the pool and well over my head. I kept surfacing with him and thrusting him upwards for her to take him out of my arms but she was in a panic. Eventually I yelled at her 'TAKE HIM'! and she snapped out of it and finally took him and I went down under the water again. My son who has autism was in shock. When I finally got out of the water I went over to him to make sure he was ok and he was staring at me with this bizarre look on his face, like he somehow 'knew'. It felt like we connected some how.

    The next morning as we were checking out, they were in front of us with men in business suits. The baby saw us and squirmed in his mother's arms to stare at me and I smiled and blew him a kiss.

  • weightedfootsteps
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    When I was young a boy was in the deep end of the pool and couldn't swim..his sis had towed him out but couldn't keep him up. All the adults were off partying...so I jumped in and towed him out...wouldn't get close to give him but a hand because I was scared he would jump on me. I got him to the side and made him get out of the pool until an adult could watch him.

    I didn't save my neighbor's baby when he passed from SIDS but I was told that I was his best shot when I gave him CPR till the ambulance arrived. He was still warm but blue when I had gotten to him. Was in shock for hours afterwards. Nobody noticed.
  • gerard54
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    Everyday at work. I work for lifesavers candy...
  • chani8
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    My tiny preemie twins got their vaccinations and would not stop crying. We put them in their favorite baby swings, and still, they did not stop crying. I had a errand to run, so left them in their swings with their Daddy nearby. When I got home, they had stopped crying. I went to check on them, and the saw the littlest one was charcoal grey and not breathing. I picked her up and recall hearing myself screaming like a wounded animal. My husband just stared in shock. I realized that I had to do something. So I layed her on the floor and gave her mouth to mouth. On the third breath, which I did a little more forcefully, I thought I saw her soul slide back into her body, and then she started to breath again. She's 16 now and still loves to hear that story. "Tell me again about the day I died." LOL
  • Once i let a mosquito bite me and then let it go. :bigsmile:
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    As an ER vet tech, I save lives just about every day.
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    Everyday! I'm a vegan :)

    Oh really? Me too then, I'm not a cannibal!
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    you guys are awesome.

    I haven't, but my dad did: many years ago, in 1960something, we were on vacation in a hotel in the Catskills (I think; don't remember much, i was a little girl at the time), and a kid was drowning in the pool - i don't remember much, but i remember seeing my father run and dive into the pool and pull the kid up from where he was lying on the floor of the pool, and i remember the kid lying on the side of the pool area coughing up water.