Newbie loss, plateaus and weight loss math... With graphs:)



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    Great stuff!!! Thanks so much!!
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    This is fabulous! Bumping so I can refer to this next time I hit a temporary spike.
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  • I was really cheered by seeing the amount of weight you have lost- I too have a lot to lose and it's really encouraging to see that it is possible! Any hints on what has kept you going?
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    I am so thankful for folks who have continued to bump this thread...I happened to stumble upon it, and SO glad I did!
  • Wow - you're a champion! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom :)
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    Bump. More outstanding work and description. Thank you.
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    Best. Post. Ever.
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    Thanks for posting this. I find it really helpful, and it confirms my own experience of weightloss sometimes not being as linear as one would hope. Since I started weighing daily (for information and learning rather than obsessive compulsion) I have gained helpful insights in how certain foods or my periods affect my water retention or weight loss.

    Really helpful. Thanks again.
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  • amazing :O this helped me a lot thanks so much for sharing
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    i had that same question. Thanks!
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    Is it just me (and my computer) or am I the only one that doesn't see a graph?!?!?!
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    Fantastic post! I kind of "knew" this already from my daily WIs, but I love seeing it in black and white.