What food do you crave the most that is unhealthy?



  • salladeve
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  • gabbygirl78
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    Nutella is still like cocaine for me.
    If I even see it I relapse like crazy.
    Only if you snort it.
    Don't snort it.

    OMG this too! just the jar and a SPOON!!!! I can eat the whole thing :noway:

    You eat cocaine by the spoonful? :noway:

    No I have nothing to do with cocaine actually but I can imagine the craving for Nutella could very much be like the craving one may get for cocaine if addicted. It is just a metaphor we are not promoting drug use on MFP The only addiction we have is FOOD...oops...crap.... I forgot... Food isn't an addiction apparently... bummer. Guess I'm fat for no reason.... Where the hell is my Nutella????:grumble: *grabs spoon and hides in the corner growling at anyone that comes near* Nom nom nom nom :tongue:
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    Chocolate-covered salted caramel macadamia nuts from Costco. I can't buy them or I'll eat the whole 2 lb container in 2 days. Just typing the words makes me want to go get some.
  • CaeliGirl11
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    Hooters' hot wings with blue cheese dressing...and their curly fries...and if I could (which they don't serve there) a Woodchuck Amber cider from the tap. O-M-G...I'm drooling now on my keyboard...:tongue:
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    OPP Not technically food but VERY Unhealthy
  • RachaelRenk
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    Pasta, any kind, the more and creamier and cheesier the sauce the better. Anything from fettuccine alfredo to macaroni and cheese. Oh, bacon is good, too.
  • beckybest3
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    Cadburys chocolate & Ben and Jerry's ice cream
  • Kevalicious99
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    European wieners and mozza cheese. That was my diet for a long time. Got me into some big trouble .. so I don't recommend doing it.
  • RachaelRenk
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    This, too. Original nacho cheese supreme, please. I'll take two.
  • _HeartsOnFire_
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    For me it is potato chips and crackers. The salty crunch...my one true love.:love:

    I have tried making my own veggie chips but cannot seem to get them to be crunchy (food dehydrator):ohwell: :ohwell:

    There's no unhealthy foods, only unhealthy eating habits/patterns.
  • joyincincy
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    Used to be chocolate but now it is bbq garlic wings from LaRosa's - OMG yummy! Only treat myself after a weekend of all outdoor activity (camping, hiking, kayaking, you know, the fun yet utterly exhausting stuff:) I might just be having some come Sunday night :drinker:
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    Dense New York cheesecake.
  • Jennvandemark
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    European wieners

    Yes I am with him, European wine and German beer!! Yum :drinker:
  • JenAndSome
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    OPP Not technically food but VERY Unhealthy

    What the helI? Did that just happen?!

    I hate to ask, but unhealthy how?
  • aminakhan1980
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    A sundae the size of my head. With more toppings than actual ice cream in it!
  • Pizza, creamy alfredo pasta, nutella, mcchicken, burgers.
  • bingohead
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    Choc Choc Choc Choc CHOCOLATE ! ! ! !
  • tammylynntyler
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    Here's how geeky I am with food. The food I crave is not particularly unhealthy. It is the QUANTITY required to satisfy the craving that is not good. And the food is... trail mix. No candies in there please, just nuts and fruit. None of that preservative free stuff, it just messes with the flavor. Eating a healthy handful is just teasing the raging bull. Last time I bought I bag I only made it to the parking lot before I was sitting in my car wolfing it down like some sort of creepy health nut junky. Sometimes I wonder just how much of the stuff I'd inhale if I allowed myself. Might be scary.

    TRAIL MIX !!! Oh yum.
  • PJ64
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    OPP Not technically food but VERY Unhealthy

    What the helI? Did that just happen?!

    I hate to ask, but unhealthy how?

    You're the one with the hand gun in your pic and you have to ask how?:laugh: