What food do you crave the most that is unhealthy?



  • karolinacorrea
    karolinacorrea Posts: 22 Member
    It is great that you said that! . I allow myself little portions of things that are not super healthy or fat free, making sure that I always stay within my allowed amount of kilojoules. Eating things with fat but high protein content help me feeling satisfied and reasured that I am not going to waste off my muscle mass as much
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    For me, it's donuts.... and ice cream at work.

    NO TREATS?!?! That's just self-loathing right there.

    I cry for you.

    ^And this

    Dont worry no one will take your precious treats from you!
  • oldladybug
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    For the last 2 weeks it's been glazed donuts and not just one. so far I have resisted the urge.... usually it's potato chips and any kind of big soft cookie.
  • oldladybug
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    Goddamn you. I wasn't even hungry until I saw this.
    may I have some please
  • Sandigesha
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    Craving usualy hapen on 7-10 day of my diet and cause binge eating of enourmous quantities of ice cream, muffins, chocolate bars, marmelade lollies, etc. Btw im on my 8th day of diet, still going strong.
  • TitaniaEcks
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    Here's a big problem with the conventional thinking around here...nothing listed here is "bad" or "unhealthy". Demonizing food or restricting yourself from foods you love almost always turns out with the inability to adhere to any plan. The sooner people ditch antiquated, conventional thinking about food the sooner they're more likely to achieve their health and fitness goals in a sustainable and long term manner.

    Then again, what do I know?

    For the purposes of weight loss a calorie is generally just a calorie and reducing calories will create weight loss but weight is not synonymous with health and fitness. Different foods have different nutrient profiles and a calorie is not just a calorie when it comes to being healthy and in great shape. If someone eats 1500 calories a day from Soda, Big Macs, and Fries and someone else eats 1500 a day from lean meats, fruits and vegetables they both have the same potential for weight loss assuming all else is equal. However the second person will have a generally healthier diet and will decrease their probability of many health risks and diseases and will generally avoid excess fats, salts, sugars and the associated insulin spikes and lethargy. How you eat can definitely affect how you train as well.

    And alcohol is another issue altogether when considering the dehydration and decreased testosterone.

    I would add that there really isn't anything that I won't still eat. Pizza, chips, wings, yes, yes, and yes. But if I only ate those things, I would either stay fat or I would be hungry all the time, because obviously they blow through a calorie budget faster. So that's the way I take these questions - not that these foods are "bad" but that they are things that I do limit so as to attain to both achieving greater health and losing weight and also to allow myself more food! However, I certainly don't feel bad for eating them - quite the opposite. I really wouldn't have it any other way!
    I'm going to add my 2 cents into this and say that while a calorie is a calorie, lots of foods are (duh) more calorie-dense than lots of others and it'll take more of them to fill you up. Eating a half pound of lard or bread is not the same as eating a half pound of broccoli or lean chicken. So some foods are "bad", in the sense that the amount of that food which it takes to fill you up is "worse" for you than the same amount of another food.

    Also, some foods are carb-heavy and you'll never *really* get full off of them (take cold breakfast cereal for example), and then your blood sugar drops like crazy an hour or two later, and you feel starving and pig out on something else.

    So yeah, some foods are better than others. Everything can be eaten in moderation, but not everything makes it *easy* or even *probable* to eat in moderation.