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Is it okay for men to wear compression shorts alone?



  • crazie4lulucrazie4lulu Member Posts: 796 Member Member Posts: 796 Member
    N.....O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just no!!!!!:noway:
  • MyChocolateDietMyChocolateDiet Member Posts: 22,302 Member Member Posts: 22,302 Member
    Some compression pants go on the outside I think. let's all put up pics of what we think is okay and what is not in compression garment land. Girls and boys please. Lets see all the kinds. (it would inform my next shopping trip too.)
  • Capt_ApolloCapt_Apollo Member Posts: 9,104 Member Member Posts: 9,104 Member
    Compression shorts are a undergarment. Would you go to the grocery store wearing nothing but your Fruit of the Loom?

    P.S. That's probably why they were laughing ... you were at the gym wearing nothing but your underwear, dude!!

  • MelsAuntieMelsAuntie Member Posts: 2,834 Member Member Posts: 2,834 Member
    "Okay" according to whom? Wear whatever you want to wear.
  • davemungerdavemunger Member Posts: 1,139 Member Member Posts: 1,139 Member
    There is a difference between compression shorts and compression underwear.


    The shorts on the left are designed to be worn as an outer layer, the underwear on the right are not. That said, it's rather unusual to see compression shorts in the gym. But it wouldn't bother me to see someone wearing the shorts -- the underwear would be a bit of a problem in my book.
  • LayLenLayLen Member Posts: 20 Member Posts: 20
    I'm confused myself, everyone is comparing them to underwear in which they aren't underwear. They are compression SHORTS! I also find it rather odd that someone would call me a "troll" from asking a sincere question. I guarantee you in the gym I'm nothing but all heart, determination, and after seeing your negative stance, it only motivates me to continue doing as I please. You can simply look the other way if you're insecure with your body, and thus others.
    P.S. Those cute chickie chickie bang bangs weren't laughing, they were definitely grinning. :tongue:
  • jonnythanjonnythan Member Posts: 10,217 Member Member Posts: 10,217 Member
    ETA: deleted as TMI. Especially as OP's last post here has me wondering if he's a troll.


  • LayLenLayLen Member Posts: 20 Member Posts: 20
    Time to go for a run, you all can sit here on the old computer and do what you obviously do best - talk that talk.
  • neandermagnonneandermagnon Member Posts: 7,479 Member Member Posts: 7,479 Member

    There's a large contingent of horny people on these forums. Any mention of genitals gets enthusiastic response from that group.

    Doesn't make stripping down to underwear in the gym a good idea.

    There's a large contingent of horny people on the internet! :love:

    what do you expect, they're closely related to the bonobo
  • yogicarlyogicarl Member Posts: 1,282 Member Member Posts: 1,282 Member
    TOPIC: Is it okay for men to wear compression shorts alone?

    surely, if you are alone, you can wear (or not) what you like?
  • MelodyandBarbellsMelodyandBarbells Member Posts: 7,297 Member Member Posts: 7,297 Member
    I think it is ok under certain situations but either way it is very seldom men or women wear anything that shows alot in a gym , hell most are too damn chicken to shower there which to me is just disgusting that someone would rather smell like **** all day after a workout before they hit there 9-5 job then just quit being a ***** and take a shower who cares if someone can see it. This goes for men and women.

    How do you know these people are going to work? Maybe they are going home to shower, or shower at their place of employment. Maybe they don't stink when they sweat. Maybe you should focus on your own workout and shower, and less on judging others. I won't shower in a "public" shower, as I find that disturbing. Is it asking too much to provide private showers for the cost of gym fees? Honestly, I don't want to see anyone else naked, just as much as I don't want anyone else seeing me naked.

    Public....? I've never seen one in all the gyms I've been to. Granted, we're talking about six or seven, total. How many and when last did you check?
  • MelodyandBarbellsMelodyandBarbells Member Posts: 7,297 Member Member Posts: 7,297 Member
    Maybe if I was 29, single, and had your build, yes. 47, married, and my shape, Hell No!
    That's me. LOL!

    I wear shorts over my compression shorts when I run otherwise the "twigs & berries" uhh....get too..... bouncy.

    I demand a demonstration of said bounciness!!
  • donrdondonrdon Member Posts: 216 Member Member Posts: 216 Member
    No, no and again no.
  • Dawn_SnowdenDawn_Snowden Member Posts: 111 Member Member Posts: 111 Member
    Only if they look FINE in them ;)
  • padams2359padams2359 Member Posts: 1,093 Member Member Posts: 1,093 Member
    Hey, I said shouldn't. I didn't say you shouldn't. BTW, the subject of the post is Compression Shorts, not Compression Underwear. Somebody went in that direction, and others followed.
  • LayLenLayLen Member Posts: 20 Member Posts: 20
    padams2359 I totally appreciated your humility and positive attitude brother. Thumbs up!
  • iNkedFiTmamaiNkedFiTmama Member Posts: 280 Member Posts: 280
    lmao @ little feller.
    were they grinning as in "omg that thing is huge" or as in "ohhhh, poor thing...where you goin' little feller?"
  • ayalowichayalowich Member Posts: 239 Member Member Posts: 239 Member
    No. Thank you.
    And women shouldn't wear just a sports bra either. IMHO.

    Totally disagree. It's fine
  • _liftnlove_liftnlove Member Posts: 194 Member Posts: 194
    So here is my question -About a year ago my conditioning/cycling instructor suggested that some of us get "spandex and knee socks" so I decided to get a pair of both. I have to say though I do get some odd looks sometimes from the typical meat-head dudes, but I really like the way they feel when working out, and I truly enjoy being able to see my veiny legs. I noticed the other day that when I was getting a really good workout some girls were looking at my junk and grinning , so is it appropriate for men to wear compression shorts by themselves?

    For the love of all that's holy, NO. No one needs to see all that. Seriously.

    *it's ok if your cycling, obviously, but working out?!?! :noway:
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