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NOOOO! I just ate mcdonalds :(

alymarestalymarest Posts: 115Member Posts: 115Member
I had 2 double cheeseburgers and a large fri!!! I went 1200 over my calorie limit!!!!
I am sad now but i COULDN'T resist......
how many calories is in a pound?


  • alymarestalymarest Posts: 115Member Posts: 115Member
    I had 2 double cheeseburgers and a large fri!!! I went 1200 over my calorie limit!!!!
    I am sad now but i COULDN'T resist......
    how many calories is in a pound?
  • kayladanielsmccoolkayladanielsmccool Posts: 2Member Posts: 2Member
  • lotusfromthemudlotusfromthemud Posts: 5,396Member Member Posts: 5,396Member Member
    You'll bounce back...don't worry...we all slip up.

    I can taste those darn fries just thinking about them.
  • rdecember6rdecember6 Posts: 27Member Member Posts: 27Member Member
    Sorry to be the bad guy-but it's actually 3,500 calories to a pound. BUT...

    The good news? Just cut out around 175 calories per day for the next week and it will be like it never happened. Or just add a little more excersize. 15 on the eliptical here, 20 minutes more on your morning walk. This will be totally O.K.!!! If you can just sit down and make a plan, then you can stop feeling guilty about it and smile upon the memory instead. I'm smiling right now just thinking about about a McDonald's burger and fries. Yum....
  • pamelawhpamelawh Posts: 162Member Member Posts: 162Member Member
    increase your workout. 3 - 30 minute running programs on the tread mill will significantly reduce your calorie intake. in fact that will burn 1200 calories right there. you could also help your calorie intake out by getting the burger and substituting the fries for a side salad and getting a bottle of water instead of soda, you'll still get the combo price.
  • Healthier_MeHealthier_Me Posts: 5,600Member Member Posts: 5,600Member Member
    Relax..... it's ok!!

    Like a previous poster said.. we all slip up.

    Yesterday I had fettucini alfredo(not the halthy kind), chocolate chip cheesecake, 2 large chocolate covered strawberries & some kind of BBQ'd meat.

    I'm trying not to bug out about it so no worries.
    You got that out of your system and now it's time to kick butt and start workingout harder.
  • skinnyangelskinnyangel Posts: 4Member Posts: 4Member
    ok well I can make you feel better by telling you that today for my lunch i ate 2 wagon wheels,7 milk chocolate digestives and a packet of wotsits!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my sounds even worse when you put it in writing!!!
    but my dilemma is this...i wanna burn off those extra calories and fast but I hate running on the treadmill and certainly cannot get a rhythm on an eliptical!!!
    any alternative suggestions for fast calorie burning???
  • jaredbellisjaredbellis Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    Everyone slips up. I had Buffalo Wild Wings and Taco Bell last week if that makes you feel better
  • tammyleetammylee Posts: 28Member Posts: 28Member
    You cant live for the past, only the future. You did eat wrong, but Im sure the next time you think of doing that you will remember how bad you felt and think twice about doing it again.

    You fell off the horse, now dust yourself off and get back on. DONT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!
  • deb_gedeb_ge Posts: 87Member, Premium Member Posts: 87Member, Premium Member
    Those things are just pure evil. Ask are Burger King Whoppers with Cheese. Can you believe we actually have those in Chiang Mai Thailand where I live???? Fortunately NOT near my house, so it is pretty easy to resist.

    Plus we have all that great roadside Thai yummy and CHEAP.

    Just difficult to figure out the nutritional values sometimes.

    Listen. Everyone has a bad day.... This was a VERY bad day, mind you and you MUST NOT repeat it. Thats all. Tell yourself absolutely not.

    Then, after you have a few good weeks under your belt....give your self one small cheat so that you do not feel deprived.

    Also, make sure you are eating enough protein....I get SUPER hungry if I am not eating enough.
  • melissacmelissac Posts: 41Member Member Posts: 41Member Member
    ohh mickey D's my fav!!!!!!!!! I feel your pain the only thing that has stopped me from having a cheesburger is the fact that they tore down the one at my end of town to rebuild it into a huge one with slides. We do have about 4 others in the city but I don't need a cheesburger so bad i will drive to other end of town to get it. plus gas is so expensive right now waist gas money and eat a cheeseburger, I would have too much guilt.......
  • Nich0leNich0le Posts: 2,906Member Member Posts: 2,906Member Member
    OMG! I had a crappy food week, one treat at mc donalds would have made me feel better last week! Lets just say that my super metabolism husband and kids did the grocery shopping and ice cream and pumpkin pie and all the snack crap was in the house and I apparently have absolutely no self control!

    One slip is just that, you have to allow a treat every now and then or you will go nuts like!
  • julieofthewolvesjulieofthewolves Posts: 339Member Member Posts: 339Member Member
    Maybe a bunch of us are pretending to be bears and attempting putting on our hibernation weight???

    If this is what you think is happening to you, let me give it to you straight: you are not a bear!!! :)
  • cardgrlcardgrl Posts: 175Member Member Posts: 175Member Member
    I always feel like a drug-addict when I am eating and I eat what I shouldn't or I eat too much. Then comes the guilt... *sigh*
  • alymarestalymarest Posts: 115Member Posts: 115Member
    I realy needed the support thank you guys.. :)
    and I'll keep telling my self that I am not a bear...
  • julieofthewolvesjulieofthewolves Posts: 339Member Member Posts: 339Member Member
    LOL!!! Sometimes a little humor can really help.
  • dmflyntdmflynt Posts: 196Member Posts: 196Member
    My husband and I both lost 9 lbs in the past 3 weeks.....and we celebrated with Pizza Hut pizza for dinner tonight. It was wonderful to break the diet for one meal. After 21 days of 1200 cals a day, we felt we deserved it! BUT, we are right back at it.
  • Robin1109Robin1109 Posts: 236Member Member Posts: 236Member Member
    It's not the end of the world. Everything in moderation is a good diet/exercise motto I use a lot.

    I was CRAVING an italian grinder from this Italian restaurant near me ALL week. So, I decided to bump up the intensity in my workouts all week and I ate VERY healthy yesterday. Guess what I had last night? An italian grinder and it was fabulous. The best part is, I know I worked for it so I don't feel all that guilty about it.
  • MasheeMashee Posts: 9Member Posts: 9Member
    I dont know how big ur fries were :) cuz acording to mcdonalds kcal tables thats about 1070 kcal.. so it depends on what you ate afterwards.. cuz the usual diets dont go under a 1000 ( unless ur an extreme like me ) ..

    So theres no reason to panic.. one days slip wont even show.. its what youll do for the rest of the week..

    bdw if you love mcdonalds so much.. include it in ur diet plan.. but not 2 cheeseburgers and large frys.. try a cheeseburger or small frys for dinner ( and nothing else! ) and you have no problems.. its not what you eat.. its how much of it you eat.. its no different if you eat to much fruit, or something that you actualy like eating.. the calories will still stick to your body..
  • MasheeMashee Posts: 9Member Posts: 9Member
    Ok sorry my bad .. 1340 kcal..

    but thats still not such a big deal..
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