How Can Everyone Afford Quest Bars?

Hey everyone! So I had my first Quest bar about a month ago- Chocolate Peanut Butter and it was soooo good! Then yesterday I tried my second one, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough heated up- it was amazing!

I love them so much and I wish I could eat one everyday like a lot of people I have seen! But they are so expensive and my family really cannot afford $24 for a box of 12 bars.(I got the Chocolate PB and Cookie Dough one has free samples from the company). I understood this so I asked for some Quest Bars for Christmas!:) But...I only got 3 individual (not boxes) bars- Chocolate Brownie, Apple Pie, and Mixed Berry. I'm grateful, don't get me wrong, but I got a bunch of stuff that I wanted, but Quest bars are something I really reaaaalllly wanted haha!

So basically I just wanted to know how y'all buy them or how you find coupons or discounts.....? They are so healthy and yummy I would just really love to have a good supply to eat on a regular basis! Thanks you!:)


  • ninerbuff
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    Are you using them for just for snacks or to supply a higher protein profile?

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  • fitchocolatechip
    Um...both haha!:) I eat them as snacks but they are def a great way for me to hit my protein macros!:)
  • cwolfman13
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    Who's everyone? I have a quest bar on occasion...usually when I'm out on the trail hiking or fishing or something...but they're not a regular part of my day to day diet.
  • Mr_Knight
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    Replace the Quest bar with a can of tuna and a Snickers bar (not together, obviously). 50% more protein, better taste, less money.
  • TheGymGypsy
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    I used to have the auto delivered to my house but the expense was just too much, since they didn't last very long. I easily ate 2 boxes a month, which is about $48, half of what I spend on groceries every week. I really couldn't justify it anymore. Occasionally I'll buy myself a box as a treat, but for the most part I have had to let them go out of my life. I am totally addicted to the cookie dough flavor though.
  • dym123
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    Options Every few weeks they have a 30% off sale, its usually one day only, with free or $1.99 shipping, they are less than $2/bar, though I'm still waiting for the 2 boxes I ordered a week ago. I do not eat them every day, usually on days I do weight training, I supplement with other protein bars such as Detour or Pure Protein whichever Costco happens to have.
  • Love4fitnesslove4food2
    I pay what they cost and view them as a treat. They're not magical or necessary so I eat cheaper bars a treat I dont mind "dirty" ingredients in other bars.
  • SezxyStef
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    Yah I tried the whole protien bar thing for a while and kept them here...wasn't the money the stopped it...

    I like crab, chicken, pork, tuna, salmon, greek yogurt etc much more...

    Besides I can eat 2 greek yogurt for half the calories and almost as much protien...
  • Mof3wc
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    I've never eaten a quest bar, but it's only $2/bar, which is really no different then buying a coffee each morning which lots of people buy.
  • Isakizza
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    They are pricey compare to others, but so much better!
    I tend to have 1-3 a week not daily. Also, I've noticed when I do buy them it's usually replacing some other snack so it works out for me.

  • ldrosophila
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    couldnt have them in my house taste too much like candy bar, and I'd be buying 3 or 4 boxes to resupply the one I just ate
  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    I've never eaten a quest bar, but it's only $2/bar, which is really no different then buying a coffee each morning which lots of people buy.
    Yup. I have them on job puts in in situations where I literally can't stop and go eat (not often, but it happens). I keep a quest bar in my bag, one in my desk, and one in my bike pannier, for those occasions. I don't eat one every day, but if I have to wing it, that works pretty well.
  • Fullsterkur_woman
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    Well, my husband and I invest money in our trainers and stuff, so why not in nutrition? It helps him reach his protein goals, and they're convenient for him to eat at his job (where he can't get away for long periods of time and can't eat while he works either). I eat them for convenience and to hit my protein goals as well. They're tastier and more convenient than Greek yogurt or a can of tuna. And if we ate tuna as much as we eat Quest bars, well, we'd have a very bad reputation with our friends and coworkers! :laugh:

    Don't like spending the money on them? There are plenty of other options. They just happen to be one that works well for us. No harm in that.
  • Rage_Phish
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    I really only eat them occasionally. Use them on hikes, long car rides, or other times when a quick meal/ snack is needed.
  • DestinationFitnessChick
    I like to have a protein bar on standby because I have multiple food allergies. This is the only one (except I can't have pb ones) that I have found that I can eat. I order from Sometimes they have a great sale (percentage off or dollars off ....this is when I try to order them). I agree they are expensive, but I have a very limited diet due to allergies so that is how I justify it. I can't have shellfish, and can only have limited tuna (can't eat it everyday) and I have to watch bars with "dirty" ingredients bc they get my inflammatory process going.
  • southerndream24
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    I honestly don't even think about it. I have bars on hand in my desk and bag just in case. When I run out I'll stop by VitaminShoppe when I have a chance. Like someone above mentioned if I don't flinch at spending $2 on a cup of coffee once or twice a day, why not a Quest bar.
  • meshashesha2012
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    where do you al go where's there's $2 coffee!! coffee in my area is like $5 :laugh:

    and yeah $2 a bar isn't bad, but then again i'm not really a fan of them so i'm not sucking them down like water. a box last me 2-3 months because i only use them on emergencies like at work when i have no snack and i'm hungry but dnt want to buy something from our snack area
  • Phoenix_Warrior
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    I work the streets to afford my Quest bar addiction.
  • Chain_Ring
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    Quest bars. Meh. Just another protein bar................
  • Phoenix_Warrior
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    Quest bars. Meh. Just another protein bar................

    nuh! ; ( Don't you deny the delicousness that is the quest. Loool