Need friends. :( Lacking support.

Hey all, My name is brittany and I have about 130 pounds to lose and I really need some friends on mfp that are active and willing to get to know me on a day to day basis so that I get my butt on here and log. I'd love to meet some people and go along my journey with them! Msg me if this might be you! <3

Ps Im active and good motivation as well :P


  • NessaR2011
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    I started off with 131 to lose myself! I log in daily and probably a little too honest but hey, I have to be if I want to do this right! Feel free to add me! We can do it!
  • Hi my name is Ana. Feel free to add me :) I'm trying to lose 50 pounds the next 5 months and I need some motivation too.
    Good luck!
  • AshleySDJ
    AshleySDJ Posts: 63 Member
    Hey, I am looking to lose as of now 111 lbs!! Feel free to add me, Any and all!! I need the motivation and support and also will give it out! I try to log in daily, but my husband is getting ready to deploy, But once he leaves it is overdrive to lose a good majority while he is gone so he can come back to a new helthy sexy me :) lol
  • OMGeeeHorses
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    :) my ticker says it all. Name is Heather and you can add me if you like (along with anyone else wishing to add me)
  • FitnFeistyLyness
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    love the horses

    i created a group so i could be active we could share do challenges set goals share recipes..its already active. join us

    feel free to add me
  • VastBreak
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    Add me too, can always use a few more friends!
  • JaniePapageorgio
    JaniePapageorgio Posts: 142 Member
    Anyone, feel free to add me! I have about 60lbs to lose.
  • kristy_n0831
    kristy_n0831 Posts: 108 Member
    Hi! I'm looking to lose 70lbs., possibly more. I'm on daily. Feel free to add me!
  • Darcie45
    Darcie45 Posts: 52 Member
    Feel free to add me too! I am on everyday, and am good at giving support an advice if you need it!
  • dhutcheon
    dhutcheon Posts: 10 Member
    Feel free to add me more the friends the merrier! I log everyday and give great support. My motivation is mainly here hard to get outside support.
  • kbf2107
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    Hi! Feel free to add me. I love talking with my MFP friends, swapping recipes, sharing new workout regimes, you name it!
  • AestheticStar
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    I'm extremely active, & have been told I'm good with motivation & support, & inspiring my friends. Feel free to add, if you'd like. If you have any questions, I'd gladly help the best I can. :)
  • Hey anyone can feel free to add me. I too need some motivation to get my butt in gear :)
  • AFettes21
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    I've been on MFP for the last two years, right after I had my daughter. Prior to get pregnant with my second child (I'm due in 5 weeks), I had lost 99 pounds. I'm here every day and even after two years, I still need my MFP friends to keep me going...although it does get easier. Feel free to add me and we can do this together! :)
  • robin388
    robin388 Posts: 25 Member
    Hello. My name is Robin. I would be happy to support you. I joined here two years ago and until just recently had no friends on mfp. Once I added few it was a major difference for me to want to keep logging and exercising. Feel free to add me!
  • Hello, I have 50 lbs. to lose. Feel free to add me:)
  • Hijinks83
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    Hello, My name's Chantal, I've got a lot to lose too, so feel free to add me

    Anyone else feel free to add me, I need all the support I can get
  • newsharonkay
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    Hi! I am on everyday. Would love to have you add me. I have 50 pounds to lose.
  • dubyugh
    dubyugh Posts: 19
    Hello all, I will be losing 125 pounds. Add me, if you'd like. I'm an active daily user.
  • 2014NewBodyNewMe
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    Feel free to add me