Need friends. :( Lacking support.



  • im great support add me right up!
  • crybaby2384
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    feel free to add me if you would like
  • MrsMaisonet14
    MrsMaisonet14 Posts: 13 Member
    I need to lose 170 and could really use the support too! I have friends on here but nobody really talks. It's one of the reasons I stopped tracking my food because I didn't have much support. I am looking to get back into this though and working out again! I'll be your friend and will support you :)
  • I saw a posting on Facebook about a girl who's making a video about going to the gym (or doing something) for 100 days to get into shape. Her starting weight was 348 lbs - see her story at Just do something everyday even if it's just for 10 minutes. Wearing a pedometer can help too - they're cheap. Feel free to add me on your support team. You can do it!!!!
  • ftloy
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    For everyone currently in this thread and/or for everyone who comes into it after my post, please feel free to add me -- sarcasm, lame jokes, and motivation are my selling points. :)
  • dizchic77
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    Always looking for motivated friends!
  • Gm. Fitness pals, I just need some motivation. To loose 20 lbs. by April
  • pamstar2013
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    Just started. Need to lose 100 lbs. Please add me!
  • missjones513
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    You can add me. I'm working on losing 70 pounds.
  • stephywephy88
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    I sent some requests- anyone please feel free to add me! Trying to get an actual gym pal (mom and boyfriend) but they're stubborn! Therefore I provide excellent encouragement :)
  • ElnuevoAdrian
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    Add me as well anyone who is on Keto or just wants motivation.
  • reeny34
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    Hi, I'm looking to lose 55lbs and I am on MFP daily.

    Feel free to add me :happy:
  • I would love to be added to. I just started back yesterday and have about 50 lbs to lose!!
  • hauhaut901
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    Hey =) Anyone can feel free to add me , I'm currently on my shredding phase , nearing its completion (six-pack) , also considering applying as a mentor so if you ever have any questions diet/training related please do feel free to ask ^_^
  • I have 100 lbs to lose as well! I log and exercise daily! Feel free to add me!
  • creativerick
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    One day at a time! You got this!
  • thoughtaling76
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    I'm on everyday... Feel free to add me :)
  • Feel free to add me too! I need motivation to get my booty to the gym. I've been doing well so far, but I need friends to help a girl out!
  • New to this site. Hoping to find some really good support and advice. :flowerforyou:
  • kvalcore
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    I want to play too!!! Add me!!! I just came back to MFP and am hoping to get some good results this time!!!!