Hair care and exercise

I'm not entirely sure this is the right section in the forums for this, but oh well... My hair stylist says I should only be washing my hair 3-4x per week. That seems to be fine when I don't exercise daily, but now that I am upping my workouts from 3 days per week to 5-6. I just can't see myself NOT washing my hair after I have gotten my sweat on! If I do that, though, I'm washing my hair way more often than I am "supposed" to. Do any of you have any techniques to suggest for keeping your hair not gross after you work out?


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    Bumping to see others' replies, but I'll tell you what I do. I workout every day, but only only shampoo my hair 1X per week (I sweat a lot, but my hair and skin both tend to dryness, so I don't have much of a grease problem except sometimes on that last day of the week).

    2X per week I rinse it with the aid of a conditioner. The other days I just blow dry it (focussing on the roots) on a low setting.
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    Some people swear by dry shampoo - in fact, it's quite popular right now. I don't use it, but have heard great things. Maybe if you search "dry shampoo" in this forum, you'll find some of the other threads on this subject, btw. (No snarkiness intended "search" here is dodgy.)

    Personally, I work out w/my hair in a ponytail and if I get really sweaty-headed, hold the ponytail out of the water & let the shower wash my scalp. So far, so good! This also keeps me from going back to work with wet hair after a lunchtime workout.
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    Dry Shampoo
    I like LIke lulu Organics and Paul Mitchell Express Dry Wash.
    I wash my hair once a week.

    Put the dry shampoo in the night; that way in the morning it's all nice and rubbed in.
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    I pull my hair up and back pretty tight. It allows the scalp to breath and you don't get your hair as sweaty.
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    I use shampoo every other day (so 3-4 times a week). I condition everyday though. I usually workout 5-6 days a week. I DO get pretty sweaty. So the days I don't shampoo, I do rinse my hair with water and just condition the back.

    This has made a HUGE difference for me. Shampooing my hair everyday was drying it out. My hair doesn't feel oily or nasty at all with the reduced shampooing.
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    I'm actually surprised at the recommendation of washing hair 3-4x per week, that's actually quite high! I only wash my hair every 1-2 weeks, but like someone else said, I have a dry scalp, never get oily hair at all - if i washed it that regularly I would have a severely disagreeable scalp! I also would do the odd CO (conditioner only) wash if needed. Generally, i don't really sweat on my head even when working out hard, i guess I'm lucky with that. If I had to wash my hair that regularly it would be forever wet (I only let it air dry naturally and it takes up to a day or more to dry!) and i'd probably hack it all off again lol :smile:
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    I have oily hair bc its very fine. I just wash it every day after my workout out and leaving it down. However I also use a high quality shampoo so im not putting tons of product in my hair. Putting your hair up is worse than washing it.
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    My routine:
    Wash 3x per week
    Rinse out sweat otherwise
    Curl hair on day 2 or three post wash
    dry shampoo for styling
    backcomb roots for styling
    tight hairstyles (french braids, buns, ponies) and headband/hat for greasy days

    Hope that helps :)
  • Tabitha_Faye
    Herbal Essences just came out with a conditioner that you use in place of shampooing your hair everyday. It's called Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner. It makes your hair feel clean, without the damaging effects of shampoo. Plus, it's paraben-free! :) If it makes your hair feel too oily, just use some dry shampoo to soak up the excess oil.
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    use conditioner and apply olive oil for hair mask ...once a week
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    I love dry shampoo! A great trick is to blow dry the sweaty roots, and then add the dry shampoo a few inches away from your head. Let it sit a bit and then brush it out. It cleans your hair and adds a great volume. I like treseme but I use the cheap suave too and both a great and have a nice smell.
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    I have somewhat oily hair and wash every day anyway and always have. I have stick straight, fine, thin hair and it's matted flat to my head if I don't. I can't believe there are people on this thread who only wash their hair every couple of weeks. I hate to think what I'd look like!
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    I have somewhat oily hair and wash every day anyway and always have. I have stick straight, fine, thin hair and it's matted flat to my head if I don't. I can't believe there are people on this thread who only wash their hair every couple of weeks. I hate to think what I'd look like!

    I have somewhat oily hair too...and straight hair...although mine is opposite, very thick and somewhat coarse. I also have to wash my hair every day or I just do not feel clean. Obviously right now (pic) I have super short hair...but I've had everything from this short to shoulder- and waist-length and nothing has ever changed. I could probably count on two hands the number of days I've skipped washing my hair since I was a teenager and I am 37.

    OTOH my mom washes her dry, curly, super thick hair weekly if that and she always looks & smells perfectly clean.
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    So here's a question for people who only shampoo once a week or total seriousness, doesn't your hair start to smell like food?

    I didn't was my hair for 3 or 4 days (I had just colored it and read to go a couple of days without washing). My hair smelled like every dinner I had cooked for those days. The tofu curry night was especially pungent.
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    I also cannot stand the small of dirty hair/scalp... I use Dove dry shampoo mainly, but I tried 3 other brands as well (my hair is past my shoulders, fine, but plentiful). I sometimes skip the in-shower shampoo if my scalp feels dry, but seriously had difficulty adjusting to working out enough to get sweaty and dealing with my hair. I get SO many compliments on my second day hair (sometimes I curl it, sometimes I let it be with it's bad self), I've come to expect it, lol! So as long as I have a dry shampoo I like, it's all good.
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    Water rinse.
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    I try to wash my hair every other day. I time it so that I wash on my cardio days, and go without on my lifting days since I rarely get sweaty when I'm lifting.
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    I pull my hair up and back pretty tight. It allows the scalp to breath and you don't get your hair as sweaty.

    ^^^^^ This. My hair is really long, past the middle of my back. I throw it up in a big bun on top of my head and go to town (that also keeps it out of the way of the bar & bench - see profile pic). I sweat like a mofo, but because it's all up out of the way, it doesn't cause an issue. I still only wash mine once or twice a week, depending on what I have going on. I find that dry shampoo helps, but it can be pricey. Baby powder works just as well and is uber cheap. I also may rinse it and condition it instead as well.

    All that being said - long hair is a royal pain in the *kitten*. It can be hot, a pain to manage, and almost always in the way, but it's only a few hours a week. The care I put into it the rest of the week helps too. I brush it often, I use as little hair spray as possible, and I use high-end products for the most part. Though, I am having to watch expenditures and have fallen in love with the Organix line of stuff.
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    < hairstylist for 6 yrs...

    You can wash your hair, just dont use shampoo. Water is usually hard in most places, so the water does a fine job of rinsing offnthe sweat. If your hair gets dry from the hard water, use hair oil on your ends to keep them hydrated. I like merakesh oil. I also use a dry shampoo from tigi, its in a black can. Also, switch to a low sulfate/sulfate free shampoo, it will make your color last longer and keep your hair softer.

    When washing hair, shampoo roots only, don't shampoo all of your hair. And when using conditioner, dont apply any on your roots, apply to the ends and mid- hair only. Rinse hair with cool water when done, it seals cuticles of hair.
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    Bump! I wanna read all this later! I just wash my hair everyday..