When You Eat Crap Do You Feel Crappy The Next Day

I've been noticing this a lot. I do an aggressive workout, I push my body hard, and I keep track of my progress weekly to make sure I keep growing and keep succeeding.

What I've noticed is the one or two weeks when I go off my usual eating. Usually I'm a green vegetable, lean protein, occasional pasta and bread type person, probably 50% carbs, 30% protein, and 20% fat on average, I drink 1 to 2 gallons of water a day. . Sometimes, after like let's say, a party. Where I won't necessarily eat over my calories, but, instead of water, I'll have a can or two of soda. Instead of lean protein, I'll have a good deal of fat and "crap" (for lack of a better word)--pizza, dips, refined carbs like chips, and more.

The next day or two of workouts, I'm completely sluggish. Where I might do 100 push-ups, I'll do 65 push-ups, I'll be drenched in sweat even more, and exhausted instead of revitalized.

Anyone else notice this?


  • cpcoursec
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    I have been eating healthy for almost three weeks. I have given up alcohol and nicotine during this time. I have been feeling really good and then Sunday I ate some Taco Bell. Sunday night I felt really bloated and sluggish....Monday I was pretty nauseated and had stomach issues.
  • HMD7703
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    When I eat crappy, I feel crappy almost instantly. It is like my body knows that junk is not good.

    Then I have "Eater's Remorse"!!

  • beamer0821
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    for sure! sometimes within a few hours! upset stomach too sometimes
  • Kaylaef
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    When I eat crappy, I feel crappy almost instantly. It is like my body knows that junk is not good.

    Then I have "Eater's Remorse"!!


    Yeah me too. When I eat fried foods in particular (because I tend to stay away from them) I feel like utter garbage right after. For example, last sunday, I had schniztel for dinner--and then couldn't move off the couch all night. Was it worth it? Yes. Did my tummy hurt for next litle while, yes. Haha do I do it all time, absoultely not
  • eyecandyrayce
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    Yes and no. For me it depends on how much I eat.

    I allow myself some "unhealthy" choices now and then. When I do, I have small portions. So if I go to taco bell I just get 1-2 tacos only.

    If I overeat the unhealthy food then yes.. I feel like crap for that day and sometimes the next.
  • I definitely notice this for me too. I don't always notice it in my workouts but I definitely notice it in how I feel overall and in how my clothes fit. You think we'd learn our lesson and stop eating junk - but the cycle continues ;)
  • kikicooks
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    I don't get "eater's remorse" usually, I'm fine with eating crap sometimes but I do notice if I overload on the sweet stuff(and I don't mean fruit) I feel like crap the next day, it feels like a hangover.
  • Sunbrooke
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    Yes, but for something's more than others. I can do pizza okay, but lots of sugar messes with me and gives me a hangover like headache. After a weekend of low fiber high sodium, like if i go on a trip, I feel pretty cruddy and bloated. It's weird. I'm actually more careful about what I eat for the sake of how by makes me feel than for the calories.
  • SunShineBeastess
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    Always, within a few hours my stomach is rolling and then I am sick - just not worth it!! I think when your body gets used to eating clean, it definitely does not like to process high fat. My son actually throws-up from greasy food now....
  • loriemn
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    yes..sugar and processed carbs will do it to me every time.so the other weekend when we went out for dinner with a bunch of friends I ordered chicken breast covered in bacon and mozz cheese..and wild rice for the side..it was really good and I didnt get the carb hangover I usually will get from fries.My friends are like,"how can you eat that and be losing weight?" well,,cause I dont eat it every day,thats how.
  • piejin
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    I eat "crap" on the weekends and feel awesome about it, but I also realize not everyone is a pro at making poor food choices like I am. :bigsmile:
    KANGOOJUMPS Posts: 6,472 Member
    not if you get into the whiskey
  • amandakev88
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    ive definitely noticed this. especially since ive been actively trying to eat more vegetables. if i go without eating something heathy, i definitely find myself feeling tired and poopy.
  • amandakev88
    amandakev88 Posts: 328 Member
    not if you get into the whiskey

  • ninja8tofu
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    Depends...cookies, cakes, nah. I'm fine. Deep fried foods make me absolutely ill, though. I love onion rings. I mean, I LOVE THEM!! They are so cruel to me though. They don't return the love.
  • rileysowner
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  • When I eat crappy, I feel crappy almost instantly. It is like my body knows that junk is not good.

    Then I have "Eater's Remorse"!!


    That was me Monday. Got talked into taking the kids to CiCis pizza. Boy did I regret that cuz I way overate. My stomach was not happy with me and I ran a lot longer on Tuesday :laugh:
  • Mr_Bad_Example
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    I have a strict rule - never eat anything from the toilet.
  • FatFreeFrolicking
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    Yes, but I feel crappy shortly after. That's why I avoid junk food at all possible costs.
  • MinMin97
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    Yes. Particularly white sugar (I can eat the unrefined no problem).